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Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

New Study Claims Racist Treatment Can Make You Fat

A new study from US researchers had made a surprising link between racist treatment and obesity. Researchers from Boston University interviewed 60,000 African-American women and found that who had received racist taunts over a 12-year period were more likely to … Read More

‘Spoiled’ Teen Slammed For Suing Parents For Private School Fees After Running Away From Home

A New Jersey teenager has sued her parents for financial support after running away from home last October and accusing her mother of causing her eating disorder. Rachel Canning, 18, has filed the lawsuit against her parents, Elizabeth and Sean, … Read More

Columnist: Obama Using Gay NFL Prospect Michael Sam to Distract From Benghazi

According to conservative columnist Steve Deace, President Obama is using first ever openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam to distract the public’s attention away from Benghazi. Which happened 18 months ago. In a column for the Washington Times, Deace wrote … Read More

Alabama Rep: Republicans Wouldn’t Oppose Abortion if Daughter Pregnant by Black Man

As Alabama’s legislature debated implementing one of the toughest abortion restrictions in the nation, Democratic Representative Alvin Holmes used his floor time to assert that 99 percent of white people would force their daughter to have an abortion if the … Read More

Paul Ryan: ‘Poor Kids Do Not Want Free School Lunch, They Want Their Parents to Care’

At Thursday’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) meeting, former GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) took to the podium to tell poor parents that they do not need financial support to feed their kids. Apparently, what they really need to … Read More

Hagee: ‘Ukraine Unrest is Ushering in the End Times’

Christian Zionist pastor John Hagee took to the airwaves yesterday to warn that the unrest in the Ukraine will lead to the ushering in the End Times. During his “Hagee Hotline” broadcast, the right-wing pastor explained that Russia is re-emerging … Read More

Neighborhood Fuming Over Man Hanging Noose, KKK Flag In Front Yard

A Florida neighborhood is outraged over a KKK member hanging a Klan flag in their front yard, in addition a noose and a “Members Wanted” sign for the racist organization. The man who only identified himself as K. Hayes is … Read More