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Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Right-Wing Pundit: ‘Wake Up! America Has Been Overthrown by the Nazis’

Last month, far-right pundit Rick Wiles proclaimed that Russia is a far freer country than America is today, thanks to the fact every member of Congress has sold out to the devil. Now, the End Times radio host has another … Read More

Evangelical ‘Dead Raising Team’ Seeking Corpses for Resurrection Ministry

An evangelical group is looking for families to volunteer their dead loved ones to be prayed over and brought back to life. The Dead Raising Team (DRT), a group of evangelical Christians that believe they have the power to resurrect … Read More

19 States Sue New Jersey Over Gun Laws

Nineteen states have joined a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey to challenge the Garden State’s strict restrictions on handguns and its standard of justifiable need to receive a permit to carry a gun in public. The original case … Read More

Pastor: Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Will Teach Kids To Be Gay, Is The Work Of The Devil

Pastor Kevin Swanson took to the radio waves to blast Disney’s Oscar-winning animated film Frozen for, what he calls, indoctrinating children. Speaking to a radio audience, Swanson asked “How many Christians are taking their kids off to see the movie … Read More