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Daily Archives: March 14, 2014

Manson Family Member Granted Parole

A member of the infamous Manson family was recently granted parole. Bruce Davis, who was convicted in 1972 for the killing of ranch hand and stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea and aspiring musician Gary Hinman, could be released soon if California governor … Read More

‘Operation Wetback’ Candidate Snubbed by Montana GOP, Says He’s Not a Racist

The Montana GOP has snubbed a Tea Party candidate whose campaign is based on “intolerance and hate.” Senate hopeful Drew Turiano was told he would not be invited to speak at an upcoming, key Republican get-together due to his extreme … Read More

Tea Party Voters More Likely to Vote For Clinton Than Republicans

There’s a large disconnect between the narratives created by the news media and the much more complex realities of the political world. According to two recent polls, more than 20 percent of the Tea Party, the group considered the most … Read More

Republican Candidate: GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is ‘Ambiguously Gay’

Dave Feliciano, a police officer and one of six Republican primary challengers to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, made some headlines at a campaign event this week, calling the high-ranking Graham “ambiguously gay.” Speaking to a Republican audience at an event … Read More