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Daily Archives: March 19, 2014

New Kansas Bill Making it Harder to File Complaints Against Cops

A new bill currently being considered by the Kansas legislature would make it harder for citizens  to file a complaint against cops. House Bill 2698, which was authored anonymously, is aimed to prevent false complaints against police officers by threatening … Read More

New Details Emerge About Power Struggle that Ousted Fred Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church

New details are emerging in the  power struggle that resulted in the ouster of founding pastor Fred Phelps, Sr.  from the helm of the much-hated Westboro Baptist Church. Nate Phelps, the excommunicated son of Fred Sr., claims that his father … Read More

Ted Cruz: We’ve Never Seen an Administration With Such Hostility Toward Religious Faith as Obama’s

Ted Cruz, making his fourth trip to Iowa in the last eight months as he slowly begins to campaign for the 2016 Republican nomination, told an audience at the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators’ state capitol lobbying day that … Read More

Catholic Group President: Liberal Professors Should Be ‘Taken Out and Shot’

Austin Ruse, the president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, took to the airwaves on Wednesday to assert that liberal academics should be taken out and shot for teaching sexual education at colleges. Speaking about a Duke University … Read More

Republican Candidate Who Said Abortion and Gays Are Responsible For Tornadoes and Autism Wins Her Race

Susanne Atanus, an Illinois Republican House candidate who made headlines after she said that autism and dementia exist because God is angry about gay marriage and abortions, has won her primary race in the state’s ninth district. Atanus defeated fellow … Read More

Outrageous Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: ‘Obama Blew Up Malaysia Plane’

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow has already  accused Barack Obama of conspiring with aliens and plotting to blow up him and other Presidential enemies. Now, the self-proclaimed former intelligence officer has taken to Facebook to spout yet another outrageous claim-Obama … Read More

Jahi McMath’s Uncle: ‘She is Tossing and Turning and Shows Signs of Life’

Just days after a review by the California Board of Public Health declared that Children’s Hospital of Oakland met the standard of care required in the case of Jahi McMath, her family continues to claim that doctors that gave Jahi … Read More