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Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

Alabama Imprisons People Too Poor to Pay Traffic Tickets, Forces Them to Work Off Fines by Scrubbing Blood, Feces

According to a lawsuit filed last week, at least four people in Montgomery, Alabama have been imprisoned for being unable to pay their traffic tickets and were forced to scrub floors and perform other prison jobs to pay off their … Read More

Mitch McConnell Berates Obamacare

The Senate Republican leader from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell wrote an opinion piece for CNN.com where he lambasted President Obama’s Obamacare law. The president pledged that Americans could keep their current coverage plans and that healthcare coverage would be stronger and … Read More

Vatican Chief Justice: Obama’s Policies ‘Have Become Progressively More Hostile Toward Christian Civilization’

It’s not just those on the American right objecting to what they call President Obama’s “anti-Christianity,” some in the Vatican are now accusing the president of hostility towards Christians as well. In an interview with Polonia Christiana magazine, Vatican Chief … Read More

Hospitals Incinerated Aborted Babies, Used Them For Fuel

A shocking new investigation by England’s Channel 4 has discovered that 27 United Kingdom National Health Trusts incinerated the bodies of more than 15,000 babies that had been aborted or miscarried and, in some instances, even used the remains as … Read More

Anti-Obama Pastor: ‘Women’s Opinions Should Be Silenced in Church (Even When Saying ‘Amen’)’

A pastor who garnered the national spotlight in 2009 for his statement that ‘Obama should be stricken with brain cancer’ thinks women should not be allowed to express their opinions at church or even say ‘Amen.’ This Sunday, Pastor Steven Anderson … Read More

Convicted Felon Running for CA Governor on GOP Ticket Says Criminal Past Will Make Him Better Politican

A GOP candidate for California governor is not hiding the fact he has a criminal past. Instead, he is using it as a campaign tactic. 48-year-old Glenn Champ has a high school education and claims that he chose not attend … Read More

Romney Slams Obama over Russian Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney gave an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday where he said that President Obama has been naïve in his dealings with Russia. He said that Obama has shown “faulty judgment” about Russia’s intentions and could have … Read More

Romney: ‘My Ability to See into the Future May Have Stopped Crimea Invasion (If I Had Been Prez)’

During the 2012 Presidential race, President Obama lambasted Mitt Romney for naming Russia as the greatest threat to America. Now two years later, Romney says that it was this ability to ‘see into the future’ and anticipate the pending Russia … Read More

Senator Ted Cruz: “The Biggest Lie in Politics”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has been making waves this week for his oft used quote during his speech in Mason City, Iowa on March 18th. He was quoted as saying that “the single biggest lie in politics” is that Republicans … Read More