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Daily Archives: March 25, 2014

GOP Wants Candidate Who Blamed Autism on God’s Wrath for Same-Sex Marriage Out of Race

Illinois Republicans are snubbing congressional candidate Susan Atanus. The surprise victor in the GOP primary race, Atanus was not even mentioned at a recent post-primary meet-up of Illinois Republican leaders. During a recent unity breakfast held in Des Plaines, state and … Read More

Pastor: Handing Out AR-15s in Church is ‘Exactly’ What Jesus Taught Us 2000 Years Ago

Reverend John Koletas, a pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York, is arguing that his church’s AR-15 raffle is what the church has done since Jesus Christ walked and that they intend to hold more raffles. During church … Read More

Columnist: It’s Common Sense That Black Students More Disruptive Than Whites

On the heels of a new study that found discrimination as the cause of disproportionate discipline toward black students, the National Review Online has published a column arguing that the black crime rate and not discrimination explains the disproportionate discipline. … Read More

Republican: Who Uses Birth Control? Irresponsible People

Alaska State Senator Pete Kelly has come under fire for comments he made while talking about reproductive health, saying he believes birth control is used by people “who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly.” The comments were made as the … Read More

Donald Rumsfeld on Obama: ‘A Trained Ape Could Do Better in Foreign Relations’

During a Fox New’s interview with Greta Van Sustern on Monday, former Secretary of State  Donald Rumsfeld, accused President Obama of performing worse ‘than a trained ape’ and bungling international relation efforts and progress made during the Bush administration. Calling … Read More

John Boehner Rejects Unemployment Insurance Proposal

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner has come under fire recently for trash talking the Senate’s bipartisan unemployment insurance proposal because he received a report from state officials saying that it was not feasible and was unworkable. He … Read More

Jimmy Carter: ‘The Bible is Being Used to Hurt Women, We Must Stop’

Former President Jimmy Carter is speaking out against those who are using religion to hurt women and girls. In his new book A Call to Action, the 39th President talks frankly about the harm done when people hide behind their … Read More