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Daily Archives: March 26, 2014

Right-Wing Rant: ‘Hollywood is Part of Mass Conspiracy to Lead Kids to Witchcraft’

Hollywood is conspiring to turn kids away from God according to Kevin Swanson. The right-wing pastor and radio host who garnered the public spotlight for demanding the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ could make kids gay, is now warning of a mass … Read More

Michele Bachmann: ‘Obama is Forcing a Killer Drug (Birth Control) Down America’s Throat’

Birth control is a “killer drug” being forced down America’s throat by Obama, according to Michele Bachmann. In a rant yesterday on the house floor, the Minnesota Republican warned that if the drug were made available under Obamacare, the administration’s … Read More

Pat Robertson: ‘The Devil Uses Abortion, Gay Rights to Steal our Babies’

Aging televangelist Pat Robertson is at it again. Earlier this month he warned that watching horror and porn movies could lead to demon possession. Today, he told his 700 Club audience that Satan is behind the gay rights movement in … Read More

John Boehner blasts Extension of Obamacare Sign-up Deadline

Speaker of the House John Boehner publicly criticized the White House for again delaying the Obamacare deadline. He feels that the current president is trying to extend the sign-up period so it will beef up his numbers and make Obamacare … Read More

Oops! Pastor Says He Accidentally Flooded Texas by Praying Too Hard

Oklahoma Pastor John Benefiel appeared on the Christian Internet’s Generals International this week to talk about how he prayed so hard for a 2007 drought to stop that it caused a flood. “There was no rain in sight, no rain … Read More

Bill O’Reilly and Paul Ryan Slam ‘Race Hustler’ Democrats

Wisconsin Congressman and potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has been under fire over the past week after he talked about an “inner city culture” that bred poverty. Not surprisingly, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly came to the former Vice … Read More

Fox Analyst’s Ridiculous Claim: Obamacare Mandate Includes Euthanasia

Fox Analyst Andrew Napolitano, who most recently made headlines saying that Abraham Lincoln should’ve bought all the slaves from the south rather than start the Civil War, falsely told viewers of The Kelly File that Obamacare’s contraceptive coverage includes abortion … Read More