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Daily Archives: March 27, 2014

AFA’s Fischer: ‘It’s OK to Discriminate Against Women, God Made Them That Way’

Right-wing radio host and American Family Association director Bryan Fischer told his audience on Wednesday that discriminating against women is not a bad thing since God designed women mostly for making a home for their husbands. In yet another right-wing … Read More

KKK Recruiting Message: ‘America May Soon Be in Nuclear War to Protect the Satanic State of Israel’

Last week, residents of Rhome, Texas woke up to find Klan fliers on their lawns and front porches. The fliers featured the slogan “The KKK wants you” along with calls for white America to wake-up to ‘problem’ of illegal immigration in … Read More

Mission America President: ‘Anti-Child Gay-Stapo is Bullying Youth, Corrupting Children With LGBT Indoctrination Courses’

Linda Harvey, the head of Mission America, has written a column for BarbWire, claiming that the LGBT community is not bullied by the right, rather “vicious homosexual bloggers” are “the real bullies.” In her own vicious blog post, Harvey writes … Read More

State Passes Bill “Allowing the Bullying of LGBT Students in the Name of Religious Freedom”

The Tennessee State legislature has passed a bill titled the Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act and have sent it to governor Bill Haslam for his approval. According to LGBT news outlets, “the bill allows and encourages anti-gay bullying in the name … Read More

Traditional Values Coalition Links Obamacare Mandate to ‘Islamic Shariah Law,’ ‘Population Control’

Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition sent out an email to members pushing them to support the Hobby Lobby’s efforts to challenge the contraception coverage mandate in order to stop Obama’s and Planned Parenthood’s “agenda of population control.” Lafferty … Read More

Fox News Host to Women: ‘It’s Not America’s Responsibility to Pay for Your Sex Life, Go Get Another Job’

Andrea Tantaros thinks if women want to have sex, then they should have to pay for it. During a recent segment on The Five defending Hobby Lobby’s refusal to provide contraception coverage based on religious grounds, the Fox News co-host … Read More

Supreme Court Makes Decision About Domestic Violence

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued a broad interpretation of a federal law that makes it a crime for people convicted of domestic violence to be in possession of guns. The court did not consider an argument made based on … Read More