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Daily Archives: April 1, 2014

GOP’s Gohmert: ‘Separation of Church and State Really Means Churches Should Play a Role in the State’

Texas Republican Louis Gohmert recently tried to rewrite American history when he declared that the separation of church and state really meant that the state could not interfere with churches, but not the other way around. In an ad filmed … Read More

New Mexico ‘Killer Police’ Riots Turn Violent After Cops Throw Tear Gas into Crowds

A peaceful protest against police brutality turned to mayhem late Sunday after officers in riot gear threw tear gas into the crowd. One Associated Press reporter claims that he saw police officers in front of the Albuquerque police headquarters discharge … Read More

GOP Lawmaker Calls Elderly Constituent ‘Intellectually Lazy’ for Not Agreeing with Him on Medicaid

A leading Virginia lawmaker recently sent a ranting e-mail calling an elderly constituent “intellectually lazy” after she penned him a note opposing his views on Medicaid. Republican Tag Greason, who also told the senior that her liberal views were to … Read More

Ted Cruz Fail: Asks Facebook Friends if They Are Better Off After Obamacare, Gets 47,000 Yes Votes

After posting a Facebook poll that he was sure would get plenty of people to vent about the “ills of Obamacare”, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was surprised to find that 47,000 of his closest Facebook friends had voted “Yes” to … Read More

Glenn Beck: Obama ‘Trying to Kill Christian Thought’

Glenn Beck went after Obama on Monday, accusing the President of lying about what his meeting with Pope Francis was about and then asserted that Obama is “trying to kill Christian thought.” Whatever that means. Beck said the foundation of … Read More