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Daily Archives: April 3, 2014

6th Grader to GOP Candidate: ‘Comparing Gay Marriage to Marriage with a Dog is Offensive’

A sixth-grade girl did not back down from her views when a local Republican leader, District Attorney Phil Berger Jr, made an anti-gay remark during his recent visit to her North Carolina school. Lana Torres, a middle schooler at Greensboro … Read More

Pat Robertson: ‘Satan Will One Day Rule America If We Keep Shopping Online’

Televangelist Pat Robertson is on a roll this week, first declaring Jews spent their time “polishing diamonds” and then warning a nice guy Wiccan that he was “going to Hell.” During his 700 Club broadcast on Thursday though, the aging … Read More

Cop Who Shot Hofstra Student in the Head Goes Free

A police officer who accidently shot a Hofstra student in the head while looking for an armed robber has been cleared of any wrongdoing and is free to return to his job. The Nassau County District Attorney has announced that … Read More

High School to Students: Masturbation and Lack of Masculinity Make You Gay

Administrators at Charlotte Catholic High School have spent the week apologizing to parents after a speaker at a school assembly made some outrageous statements about homosexuality. According to a student who attended the assembly featuring Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, an … Read More

Affluenza Teen Avoids Jail a SECOND Time

Texas teenager Ethan Couch made headlines when a psychologist described him as having “affluenza”, allowing the teen to walk despite killing four people while drunk driving. Well, Couch has avoided jail once again as a judge has sentenced him to … Read More

Holy Hypocrisy! Hobby Lobby Investing in Abortion Pill Makers

Christian-owned Hobby Lobby sparked national controversy recently when it refused to cover contraception, as mandated by Obama’s health care reforms, claiming it violated their Christian faith, taking their fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Now, it turns out, … Read More