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Daily Archives: April 4, 2014

GOP’s Gohmert Hails Mississippi Anti-Gay Law as ‘Wonderful Example of Real Freedom’

Texas lawmaker Louis Gohmert recently caused a stir when he declared that the separation of church and state really meant that only the state should keep out of the church’s business, but not the other way around. Now, the GOP … Read More

Nerdy (and Bigoted) Right-Wing Rant: ‘Gays are Like the Borg from Star Trek’

The right-wing’s attack on the LGBT community turned nerdy today when a conservative pundit decided to compare gay people to the Borgs from Star Trek. Part of yet another conservative rant about OK Cupid’s outing of Mozilla’s CEO as anti-gay, … Read More

Faker! Republican Allen West’s New Book Uses False Quotes from Founding Fathers

Former GOP member of the House of Representatives Allen West claims to know a lot about America’s founding fathers. His new book “Guardian of the Republic,” in fact, is filled with the sayings of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham … Read More

Tea Party Leader: God is Against Efforts to Reduce Income Inequality

Rick Scarborough is the head of Tea Party Unity. Apparently, he also has a direct line to God as the Tea Party leader said that God is on the Tea Party’s side and opposed “the work of progressives to reduce … Read More

Times Editor: Transgender Equality ‘Endangers Every Single Female’

Washington Times senior opinion editor Emily Miller took to the op-ed pages to decry a new Maryland bill that aims to protect the transgender community from discrimination. Last week, Maryland lawmakers approved a bill called Fairness for All Marylanders Act, … Read More

Judge Lets Millionaire Who Raped 3-Year-Old Daughter Off on Probation, Gets Death Threats

A Delaware judge who suspended a prison sentence for du Pont heir Robert Richard IV, saying the trust funder would not fare well in prison, is now getting death threats and has been given a security detail. Earlier this week, … Read More