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Daily Archives: April 8, 2014

Al Sharpton on Acting as FBI Informant to Snitch on Mob: ‘I Did What I Had to Do’

Al Sharpton is not ashamed by the recent revelation that he served as an FBI informant, snitching against the mob in the 1980’s. The one thing  the MSNBC host, civil rights activist and once-presidential hopeful does regret about that time, … Read More

Right Wing Rant: Obama is Ordering Christians to Kill Children

Gordon Klingenschmitt has made many headlines of late while discussing the president on his Pray in Jesus Name show and most recently warned that Obama is forcing Christians to kill children as part of “a spiritual war to save or … Read More

UConn Star Says He Goes to Bed Starving Despite Winning NCAA Championship, Making Millions For School

Shabazz Napier made everyone take notice as the top prospect led the University of Connecticut to an NCAA Championship on Monday night. It’s his comments from last week that are drawing the attention of lawmakers, however. Last week, Napier addressed … Read More

VIDEO: Married Christian Conservative Congressman Caught on Tape Kissing Staffer

Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister has been in Congress for about six months but he’s a quick learner – he’s already engulfed in a sex scandal involving a female staffer. Security cameras caught the self-described Christian conservative kissing one of his … Read More

Gun Advocate: Teachers Who Protect Kids During School Shootings Aren’t Heroes (Unless They Have Guns)

Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt has a history of saying outrageous things. Now the staunch and outspoken gun rights advocate and former GOP member of Virginia’s House of Representatives is taking aim at teachers who protect kids during school … Read More

Pat Robertson: ‘God Almighty is a Hater (If the Gays are Right)’

Pat Robertson started off his week with another outrageous rant, yet again skewering the gay community and speaking out against same-sex marriage. On Monday’s 700 Club, Robertson joined the chorus of right-wingers defending former Mozilla CEO’s Brandon Eich’s ouster over … Read More