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Daily Archives: April 9, 2014

Neo-Nazis Recruit Cookie Monster to Attract Youth in Germany

Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster has become an unwitting accomplice to attract youth to neo-Nazism in Germany. According to police, the use of the blue, cookie-gobbling character is on the rise among extremist groups who have caught on to the fact … Read More

Pat Robertson Asks God to Remove Obama From Office

Pat Robertson is so unhappy with Obama that he is reaching out to… God. Earlier this week, Robertson took to his 700 Club show to ask God to “deliver the US from President Obama.” Robertson begins his segment by implying … Read More

Ben Stein: Poor People Are Jealous, Lazy Drunks

Conservative pundit Ben Stein has made some waves with a new column in The American Spectator, writing that “only government sanctioned religion could save poor people from their own ‘self-sabotage.’” “What will make the genuinely poor stop sabotaging themselves?” Stein … Read More

Abstinence Fail: Most Teens 15-17 Have No Sex Education Before Sex, Give Birth to 1,700 Babies Per Week

According to a shocking new study by the Center of Disease Control, abstinence programs have had devastating effects and 83 percent of teens 15-17 now say they had no education about sex before having it for the first time. Although … Read More

Right-Wing History Redo: ‘It Was Faith, Not the Federal Government that Ended Slavery’

Last week, Heritage Foundation’s Jim DeMint decided to redo history when he declared the Federal Government was not truly the force behind the end to slavery. Instead, according to the former South Carolina GOP senator, slave-owning Americas simply had a … Read More