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Daily Archives: April 16, 2014

North Dakota “Fetal Heartbeat” Law Ruled Unconstitutional

The issue of abortion will most likely never be “settled.” Despite the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, a woman’s right to an abortion is seen by some as a right to commit murder. In the 40 years … Read More

Erik Rush Blames Obama after former KKK Leader Shoots 3 at Jewish Community Center

Right-wing pundit Erik Rush likes to blame President Barack Obama when tragedy strikes. After the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, Rush jumped on the conspiracy theory bandwagon and insisted Obama murdered the doomed passengers in an attempt to steal tech … Read More

Friends of Mike Ruppert: 9/11 Truther’s Suicide Was Not ‘Fake Suicide’, It Was Well Planned

9/11 truther Michael Ruppert has reportedly committed suicide. The 63-year-old ex-cop and investigative reporter is believed to have shot himself after taping his radio show on Sunday, according to reports from his close friends. Ruppert sparked controversy with his conspiracy … Read More

Radio Host: Poor ‘Ought to be Kissing the Ground on Which The Rich Walk’

Radio host Bryan Fischer appeared on his show yesterday to remind the poor that they better thank the rich for all the great free stuff they get. Fischer cited a Wall Street Journal article that noted that the top 1 … Read More

Religious Right Leader Charged With Sexual Battery, Grooming 15-Year-Old as ‘Personal Sex Object’

Doug Phillips of Vision Forum is one of the leading advocates of the Quiverfull movement popularized by the Duggar family of ‘19 Kids and Counting’ fame. He’s also the target of a new lawsuit that claims he groomed a teenage … Read More

Right-Wing Rant: Lunar Eclipse Is Flashing Red Warning Sign to Obama

The blood moon spotted in the sky above North America this week was much more than a rare astrological phenomena. According to conservative website WorldNetDaily, the lunar eclipse is a sign from God that Obama is doing a terrible job. … Read More