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Daily Archives: April 17, 2014

Richard Mack: Feds Brought in Hit Men to Fire on Bundy Ranch, Women Want to Be on Front Lines

Arizona sheriff Richard Mack has become the voice of the pro-Bundy support in Nevada, taking to the radio airwaves to make outrageous comparisons between the stand-off in Nevada over land rights and historical moments and stirring controversy with his women-first … Read More

Seditionist Cliven Bundy Encouraged Towards Violence By Fox’s Hannity?

In the days since the end of Cliven Bundy’s standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, he has become something of a right-wing celebrity, appearing “exclusively” at the top Hannity’s Fox News program for two nights in a row. In … Read More

Fox News’ Earth Day Reality Check: ‘Climate Change is a Lie Being Sold to the American People’

In preparation for Earth Day, Fox News joined with John Stossel this morning to promote the use of fossil fuels and proclaim, once again, that climate change is just a big, fat liberal lie. The segment, which aired on Fox … Read More

Columnist Accuses Obama of Blasphemy, Desecrating Easter by Making it a ‘Celebration of Everything Gay’

Jeff Allen, the senior editor of conservative website BarbWire, has written a column blasting President Obama for “desecrating Easter” by making it a “celebration of everything gay.” In the column, aptly titled “Blasphemy: Obama Picks ‘Gay’ Bishop For Easter Prayer,” … Read More

Glenn Beck: Everything God Warned Me About Is Now Happening

In a morning meeting with staffers, Glenn Beck told his employees that his “longest running, unspoken prophecy” is becoming a reality. Beck told his employees that the “prophecy” is being “fulfilled right now.” “It is one that I haven’t spoken … Read More

Oops! Tea Party Candidate Caught Plagiarizing His ‘Thoughts’ on Political Issues

A North Carolina Tea Party candidate has been caught copying from another GOP politician’s paper. Dr. Greg Bannon, a Tea Party activist running for the US Senate, recently posted several campaign positions on the issues. The trouble is that his … Read More

Your Tax Return Could Be Seized for a Relative’s Debt to Government

For many middle-class Americans, their annual tax returns are an important part of their household budget. Larger purchases or home-improvements often hinge on how much a particular individual gets back from the government. However, this year, some Americans are receiving … Read More