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Daily Archives: April 21, 2014

America’s (Potentially) Next Bush is Different, but What Would That Mean?

I remember that for the longest time, my mother had a hard time pronouncing the word “Bush.” I corrected her again and again but her pronunciation of the word was anything but “Bush,” ranging from “Bus” to “Boos” to “Bosh.” … Read More

Billy Graham’s Son: News Media is Persecuting Christians

Reverend Billy Graham’s son Franklin appeared on Newsmax’s America’s Forum to warn that American Christians are being persecuted by the “entertainment industry, especially in certain segments of the news media.” The show’s host asked Graham “Are we at a point … Read More

CNN: Can KKK ‘Successfully Rebrand?’

CNN’s Ashley Fantz interviewed a Ku Klux Klan leader and then asked if the KKK can “successfully rebrand” following last week’s multiple homicide at the hands of former Klansman Frazier Glenn Miller. Fantz spoke to Frank Arcona, the Imperial Wizard … Read More

White Supremacists Ruin Kids’ Celebration by Sneaking Horrifically Racist Notes Into Easter Eggs

Parents in one Virginia neighborhood were horrified to find incredibly racist notes in their kids’ Easter eggs that had been placed there by white supremacists. Jackie Smith, the parent of one child at the event, says “My husband noticed the … Read More

Tea Party Ranter Praises Bundy Ranch Patriots, Calls for Revolutionaries to Overthrow Obama

Last year, Larry Klayman demanded that his much-hyped, but little-attended Tea Party rally at the White House was the beginning of the Second American Revolution. Now he claims it is time for American patriots to act again and rid the … Read More

PETA Blasts Michelle Obama for Using Real Eggs at Easter Egg Roll

PETA has something to say about Michelle Obama and her choice of eggs for today’s 136th Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House.  So they picked three little girls to deliver the message. In a videotaped lecture, the little … Read More

KKK Owner of Racist Web Site: SPLC Report Linking Violence to Web-Hate is ‘Outrageous Lie’

Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader and owner of racist website Stormfront, is fighting back over allegations that festering hatred on internet chat rooms can lead to violence. Recently, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published a report … Read More

Creationist Solves Problem of How Dinosaurs Fit on Noah’s Ark

Creationist Carl Kerby has solved the problem of how two of every animal could have possibly fit on Noah’s Ark, even dinosaurs. According to Kerby, the ark, which based on biblical measurements was about 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and … Read More