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Daily Archives: April 22, 2014

Ted Cruz’s Dad Tells New Lie: ‘Pastors are Being Fined in San Antonio for Preaching the Word’

Last November, Ted Cruz’s dad told a group of pastors that it was time to give up ‘political correctness’ and preach the ‘real word’ of the Bible, even the parts that liberals do not want to be heard. In his … Read More

Autistic Teen Forced by Girls to Perform Sex Acts on a Dog Wants Charges Against His ‘Friends’ Dropped

An autistic boy has endured months of torment from two girls that he calls friends and is asking his parents to drop the charges against them. According to reports, 17-year-old Lauren Bush and an unidentified 15-year-old friend kicked the 16-year-old … Read More

Ice Road Truckers Star Arrested For Kidnapping, Beating Prostitute

Tim Zickuhr, one of the stars of the History Channel’s reality show ‘Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads’, has been arrested after allegedly kidnapping and beating a prostitute. According to authorities, Zickuhr reportedly gave the Las Vegas prostitute, named Snow White, … Read More

Man Fatally Shoots Wife in Church School Parking Lot in Front of Kids, Kills Self After Rape Charges

An Indiana man shot and killed his wife in a Catholic School parking lot and then shot himself mere months after being charged with raping her. According to authorities, Remanard Castro shot his wife in the parking lot of St. … Read More

This Police Chief Got Fired for Being Gay, and She’s Not an Exception

In 2012 I used to be a political canvasser for the non-profit organization Human Rights Campaign.I would give out the fact that in 29 states in America, it was legal for someone to be fired from their job simply for … Read More

Bizarre Right-Wing Rant: Obama Used Easter to Try to Convert People to Islam

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller is angry that President Barack Obama ruined Easter by mentioning other faiths in his holiday greeting. During the President’s April 19 Easter radio address, which he devoted almost exclusively to talking about how “Jesus endured for us” … Read More

8-Year-Old Special Needs Boy Facing Felony Charges for Throwing Tantrum in Police Car

An 8-year-old boy with special needs is facing felony charges after throwing a temper tantrum in a police car. Edward Hart attends a school for children with behavioral challenges and has “anger issues.” Last month, he decided to run away … Read More

NSA Leak Journalists Greenwald and Poitras Return to US for First Time in 10 Months

Since June of 2013, journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras had been avoiding returning home to the United States until last Friday. They left the country last summer to meet in Hong Kong with the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, to … Read More

Oklahoma Militia Rallies to Cliven Bundy’s Side in BLM Standoff

Self-admitted seditionist Cliven Bundy is still at odds with the federal government over their attempts to collect on the over $1 million he owes in back grazing fees. With the anti-government flames being fanned by the conservative media, even more … Read More