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Daily Archives: April 23, 2014

Man Fined $250 for Cursing Out Virginia Attorney General in Voicemail

Anyone who has ever dealt with difficult phone representatives knows in a phone call the first one to swear “loses.” When dealing with duplicitous sales people in search of a refund or customer service folks who only serve to stonewall … Read More

Billionaire Sentenced to Just 18 Months in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Two Dozen Underage Girls, Victims Win Right to View Negotiations

The victims of billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein only saw the predator face 18 months in prison but the women have won the right to view the negotiations that resulted in the well-connected 1 percenter’s lenient sentence. In 2005, Epstein … Read More

After 19 Die From Heat in Prison, Lawmaker Says ‘Texans Don’t Want Air Conditioned Prisons’

After a University of Texas study found that 19 inmates have died from extreme heat inside Texan prisons, one lawmaker is defending the state’s stance on temperatures inside the prison saying “Texans don’t want air conditioned prisons.” John Whitmire, who … Read More

Pat Robertson: Divorce Okay if Wife Withholds Sex, She Was Probably Molested as a Child

Pat Robertson told a 700 Club viewer that he has “grounds for divorce” after he complained that his wife was not having sex with him regularly enough. Robertson then asserted that the man’s wife “was molested as a child” and … Read More

Oops! NYPD’s Community Twitter Turns into Epic Fail as Users Tweet Pics of Police Brutality

The New York City Police Department was trying to put on a friendly face on Tuesday when it sent a message to the twitterverse asking for images of citizens interacting with New York’s finest. “Do you have a photo w/ … Read More

Cliven Bundy Supporters Can’t Wait for War With the Government

In the continuing drama unfolding in Nevada and aired out on Fox News, people tied to the Bundy ranch—although not necessarily Bundy himself—continuously make threats against federal officers that are often brushed aside or glazed over. Case in point, Bill … Read More

Bryan Fischer’s Latest Rant: ‘Jesus Doesn’t Want Us to Help Divorced People’

Recently, American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer made waves when he declared that poor people should be throwing ticker-tape parades in gratitude for the rich of America since it is the 1 percent that are footing the bill for all those … Read More

Just Good Neighbors? Pennsylvania KKK Forms Neighborhood Watch to Patrol Streets at Night

A Pennsylvania chapter of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan wants you to know that they are really just good neighbors. To prove it, the group has announced a plan to help fight crime in their community by … Read More

Aereo Supreme Court Case Could Change the Way You Watch TV

Lawyers for Aereo—an internet-based television subscription company—argued for the company today in front of the Supreme Court for the United States in a case that will determine if they can stay in business and, potentially, how people in the internet … Read More

AP Poll Finds out Majority of Americans Doubt Science, Pat Robertson is Not One of Them

Dangerous zealots take many shapes. Some may be violent, using their religion to justify mass murder and oppression while others may co-opt a moral position for dangerous and immoral reasons. Still, it’s nice when the cranks are at least familiar … Read More