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Daily Archives: April 25, 2014

JPMChase, PayPal Closes Adult Entertainers’ Accounts, Denies Payments for “Morality” Reasons

  Matt Taibbi’s latest book The Divide details, among other things, how after the financial crisis of 2008—where a quarter of the world’s wealth vanished because of admitted fraud—no responsible banking institutions faced any prosecution. So it might strike some … Read More

Former Real-World Star, Current Republican Wisc. Rep. Releases Bizarre Selfie Ad

  Despite the ubiquity of the internet, there are still thin veins of virality where to some one thing may seem extremely popular but to society-at-large it just seems weird. One person who learned that lesson the hard way is … Read More

KKK Member Who Killed 3 Was Busted With Black Male Prostitute

The former Klu Klux Klan leader charged with fatally shooting three people near two Jewish centers in Kansas City had previously been arrested after being stopped with a black male prostitute dressed as a woman in his car. According to … Read More

Republican Candidate: Women Cause 95 Percent of Divorces

One of Lindsay Graham’s countless (six) Republican primary challengers has drawn some fire over comments he made saying that women cause most divorces, even when it’s the man who runs out on them. According to reports, Det Bowers, a former … Read More

Cliven Bundy Defends Comments: ‘Not Saying They Should Be Slaves, I’m Wondering If They Were Better Off’

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, a budding conservative hero that many talking heads have rallied around, tried to defend comments he made about “negroes” in a speech last week and… the “out-of-context” excuse didn’t exactly work. Bundy held a press conference … Read More

GOP Lawmaker Heckled on NH House Floor For Claiming Women Deserve Less Pay, Lazier

During a New Hampshire state House debate on Wednesday, Republican lawmaker Will Infantine raised the ire of his colleagues when he argued that women deserve less pay and are lazier. “Men, by and large, make more because some of the … Read More

80 Child Deaths Linked to Oregon Church, Parents Say It is a Matter of Faith

A church in Oregon has been linked to over 80 child deaths since 1976. Parents in the fundamental Pentecostal sect, however, claim that the kids’ deaths are just a matter of their deeply held faith. Church of the First Born preaches … Read More