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Daily Archives: April 28, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Hearing “Indefinite Dentention” Legal Challenge

With the hyper-rhetoric in American politics today, it is often difficult to discern when an issue is as serious as it sounds. If you only watched cable news, you’d kind of know that the NSA can read everything we do … Read More

Phyllis Schlafly Slams Feminism on Campus: ‘College is a Dangerous Place For Men’

This month’s edition of the Phyllis Schlafly Report is devoted to “confronting campus radicals,” where the Eagle Forum founder goes after “feminist propaganda,” “multiculturalism,” and “diversity.” In her “Report,” she breaks down the “Definition of Politically Correct.” She writes that … Read More

Mammogram Technician Falsified Thousands of Results, Misled Women With Breast Cancer Into Thinking They Were Fine

A Georgia mammogram technician has been sentenced to six months in a detention center and 10 years of probation after she falsified more than one thousand mammograms, including giving clean bills of health to at least 10 women who had … Read More

Cop Fired After Being Caught Choking Handcuffed, Unresisting Student Until He Passed Out

A Tennessee sheriff’s deputy has been fired after he was recorded on camera choking a student who was being handcuffed until he was unconscious. According to his termination notice, 47-year-old Frank Phillips has been found “unsuitable for continued employment.” Sheriff … Read More

Pat Robertson Compares Islam to Nazism, Warns Islamist-Atheist Takeover Will Destroy America

During today’s 700 Club, which coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day, aging televangelist Pat Robertson compared the intolerant and hateful Nazi regime that led to the death of millions of Jews and others to the entire Islamic faith. During the Bring It … Read More

Rick Santorum: ‘A Well Armed Family is a Safe Family’

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum explained why America would be a lot safer, if only we had more people carrying guns. When asked by host Bob Schieffer during the segment if he believed that … Read More

Sarah Palin: ‘Waterboarding is How We’d Baptize Terrorists’

On Saturday, Sarah Palin told the crowd at the National Rifle Association just how counter-terrorism policy would be different if she was in charge. For one, she said she would not be afraid to use more torture. According to Palin, … Read More

Tea Party Rant: Muslim Americans are Launching a ‘Secret Jihad,’ But Jesus is On Our Side

Islamophobia has a new poster child-former chairwoman of the Texas GOP Cathie Adams. This week, the Tea Party leader warned her fellow conservatives that Muslim-Americans are a warring people and are waging a “stealth jihad” in America. During her hate-riddled rant … Read More