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Daily Archives: April 29, 2014

Alan Grayson Accuses Wife of Bigamy, Reveals His Critics Are Right About Him

When Florida Democratic Representative Alan Grayson appeared on the national political scene in 2009 during the early days of the healthcare debate, it was on the back of a political stunt on the floor of Congress. He claimed that the … Read More

Radio Host: Yoga is Turning America Into Nazi Germany

Radio host Jan Markell held her “Understanding The Times” conference this weekend and WND has a great recap of the centerpiece of the event where a Holocaust survivor compares Hitler to Obama as part of a preview for an upcoming … Read More

Former Army General: Obama is a Muslim, Al Qaeda Supporter

Former Army General Paul Vallely raised some eyebrows during an interview with radio host Dave Janda when the former commander alleged that President Obama is a Muslim and supports radical Islamists. Vallely said “When [Obama] his first term made that … Read More

Alan Keyes: Bundy Not Racist Because Blacks Worse Off Now Than During Slavery

Former Congressman Alan Keyes has been a staunch supporter of Cliven Bundy and when other conservative talking heads distanced themselves from the now infamous Nevada rancher, Keyes is doubling down. Speaking with radio host Peter Boyles, Keyes defended Cliven Bundy’s … Read More

Fox News Host: Does Obama Have a ‘Manhood Problem’ Forcing Him to be Soft on Terror?

On Monday, Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade asked former Department of Justice Legal Counsel John Yoo if Obama had a ‘manhood’ problem that was forcing him to be soft of terror. During the Fox & Friends segment, the former Bush … Read More

Right-Wing Rant: UFO’s are Satan’s Way of Letting Us Know the End is Near

On Saturday, End Times author Mark Hitchcock  unlocked the mystery of UFO sightings. As it turns, out, they are truly demonic forces whipping around the stratosphere circling the earth in preparation for the End Times. During right-wing broadcaster Jan Markell’s … Read More

Texas Teen Brings AK-47 to School, Threatens to Shoot if Demands are Not Met

A Texas teen is in jail after he brought an arsenal of guns to school and threatened to open fire if his demands were not met. The 17-year-old student had run away from home and his parents had come to … Read More

Wall Street Lawyer: Rand Paul/Ted Cruz vs. Elizabeth Warren in 2016 “Everybody’s Worst Nightmare.”

Anyone interested in the 2016 Presidential Race is essentially engaging in political fanfiction. One thing to watch is the money and right now most donors on Wall Street are simply waiting and watching to see how the field shapes up … Read More