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Daily Archives: April 30, 2014

Race in Modern America: Donald Sterling Ban Not A “Win” Against Racism

The late Patrice O’Neal, a comedian and radio personality, said more than once that he’d “never met a racist.” This was not to suggest that O’Neal believed that racism didn’t exist (frankly, he saw it everywhere) nor was he saying … Read More

A Justified Shooting? Young Cop Opens Fire on Car Full of Teenage Girls Leaving Party

A Kentucky community is outraged that a young cop fired into a car full of teens and then declared it was an act of self-defense. Boone County Sheriff Deputy Tyler Brockman said he had no choice but to open fire … Read More

Creation Museum Founder: Evolution is an Unscientific Religion That Brainwashes People

In a radio interview on VCY America’s Crosstalk, Creation Museum founder Ken Ham attacked evolution, calling it a “religion” that has “brainwashed” people into thinking it’s a scientific theory. Ham went after Christians who believe in evolution, saying “A lot … Read More

WND Editor: You Just Don’t Find Racism in the GOP

Joseph Farah, the editor of WorldNetDaily, a conservative news and opinion site currently battling Google over content that has been deemed racist on their site, appeared on The Alex Jones Show to assert that you simply don’t find racism among … Read More

Glenn Beck: ‘Hillary Will Be Having Sex With a Woman on White House Desk If It Becomes Popular’

Glenn Beck went after Hillary Clinton on his radio show this week, saying that Clinton would declare that she is a lesbian if it helped her get elected in 2016. Beck was discussing how politicians who opposed gay marriage now … Read More

Sarah Palin Called Blasphemer by Fellow Christians For Equating Torture with Baptism

Sarah Palin sparked liberal ire this weekend when she made a comment claiming that if she were in charge, she would have no problem with torturing terrorists. “They obviously have information on plots to carry out jihad,” Palin said of … Read More

Unconstitutional? Oklahoma’s Botched Execution Raises Questions About Secret Death Drug Protocols

Oklahoma’s execution drug secrecy rules are coming under attack after a scheduled double execution went horribly wrong. Just weeks before the planned execution of Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner, Oklahoma’s Assistant District Attorney John Hadden refused to disclose the source … Read More

Department of Justice “Operation Choke Point” May Be Behind Adult Entertainer Bank Account Closures

Last week I reported on banks closing accounts in good standing that belong to a number of adult entertainers and other “sex workers,” including the CEO of a condom company aimed at women.  Also mentioned in the first line of … Read More