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Daily Archives: May 1, 2014

Rafael Cruz: Obama is Using Social Justice to Make Immigrants Dependent and Vote for Him

Rafael Cruz, the always outspoken father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, is at it again, this time mocking new immigrants to the country and accusing President Obama of creating a dependent society just so he can get votes. In a … Read More

Columnist: There’s Too Many Liberals on Fox News

In a column published on World Net Daily, former Los Angeles Times columnist Burt Prelutsky wrote that Fox News has too many liberals and needs to purge them from their panels. Prelutsky starts by misinterpreting a comment by talk radio … Read More

Pastor: Childless Women on Birth Control Are Destroying the US With ‘Whoredom’

Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson posted a sermon online in which he tells his congregation at the Faithful Word Baptist Church that birth control isn’t just turning women into “whores,” it’s downright destroying the country. Anderson warns his followers that contraception … Read More

Supreme Court Steps in After Judge Blames 14-Year-Old Rape Victim, Sentences Her Attacker to Just 30 Days in Prison

The Montana Supreme Court has overturned the 30-day prison sentence that a teacher received after raping a 14-year-old girl and will re-sentence him for his horrific crime. Last year, Yellowstone County District Judge G. Todd Baugh caused massive outrage after … Read More

Race in Modern America: Going After Easy Targets

In my last piece, I tried to unpack a little of what it is that makes Donald Sterling so racist. Although soon it won’t matter, since the NBA is convening a vote to force Sterling to sell the team that … Read More