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Daily Archives: May 5, 2014

Check Your Privilege: Princeton Freshman Tal Fortgang Flees the Internet After Essay Criticism

A Princeton freshman named Tal Fortgang has “gone viral” thanks to an essay he wrote for the conservative student publication The Princeton Tory about the current vogue of the phrase “Check your privilege” and what it means to him. The … Read More

Fox News Host: Wives Who Earn More Then Men Disrespect Their Hubby’s Inner Caveman

This weekend, Fox News Host Clayton Morris pondered if women who earned more money then their husbands were hurting man’s inner caveman and leading to the rise of trophy husbands. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that … Read More

Radio Host: Everyone in Washington Thinks Obama is a Secret Muslim

Focal Point host Bryan Fischer asserted on Friday’s episode that “everybody” in Washington D.C. thinks President Obama is a Muslim “double-agent.” A caller to the program said “This is a Muslim president. This is a Muslim double-agent.” Fischer replies that … Read More

Columnist: Obama Has Done More to Fuel Racism Than Anyone in History

Conservative activist and columnist Dave Daubenmire has penned a column in which he accuses President Obama of fueling racism more than “any man in history.” He begins his column by saying “the constant bellowing of ‘racist’ has worn thin in … Read More

Anti-Gay Republican Outed as Former Drag Queen

A North Carolina Republican Senate candidate campaigning against gay marriage has been outed as a former drag queen who used to perform at gay-friendly Club Odyssey. Steve Wiles, a 34-year-old conservative candidate for Senate was once apparently known as Miss … Read More

At the Bundy Ranch: Radio Show Host Blames Media, Feds for Making Bundy Out as a Racist

Extreme right-wing radio show host Pete Santilli thinks that the media is conspiring with the Bureau of Land Management to take down Bundy Ranch supporters by hijacking a recent press conference at the ranch and “injecting race and dividing us.” … Read More

Bryan Fischer: Obama is a Spiritual Leper

America Family Association’s Brian Fischer has a history of outlandish Obama statements, including declaring that while Obama is not THE anti-Christ, he certainly is an anti-Christ and “the spirit of the Antichrist is at work in him.” Now, he has compared … Read More