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Daily Archives: May 8, 2014

GOP Mega-Donor: Rape Victims Need to Stop Getting Satisfaction from Telling Their Stories

A YouTube sex hypnotherapist is sinking big money into the Oregon race to help Republicans cinch a Senate seat. A member of one of the wealthiest conservative families in the country, Loren Parks hopes having another Republican in Congress will … Read More

Columnist: Congress Should Charge Obama With Treason

Fox News contributor and WorldNetDaily columnist Erik Rush has written a new column calling on the Republicans in the House of Representatives to charge President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with treason over Benghazi, noting that simply … Read More

Police Handcuff, Fingerprint 9-Year-Old Girl, Detain Her for Over an Hour While She is Still Wearing Wet Bathing Suit

A 9-year-old Portland girl was arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted, photographed, and charged with assault after a minor children’s fight at her school. According to reports, the girl got involved in a fight between two other girls who were arguing because “one … Read More

Police Officer With History of Fatal Shootings Guns Down 93-Year-Old Woman in Her Own Home

A Texas police officer fatally shot a 93-year-old woman in her home on Tuesday after she allegedly brandished a gun. According to reports, Officer Steven  Stem (pictured above) was responding to a call about a disturbance involving 93-year-old Pearlie Golden. … Read More

Operation American Spring Organizer: Obama May Destroy DC to Stop Rally

An organizer of the anti-Obama rally Operation American Spring is warning attendees to prepare for a possible drone attack launched by the White House to silence their pro-freedom cause. In a conversation with ‘Patriot Nation’ host Mark Hoffman, event organizer … Read More

Texas Republican Turns Frozen Tune Into Worst Political Ad Ever (VIDEO)

Forced rhymes and horrible production values are just two of the reasons Texas Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst’s 90 second political ad will likely rank among the worst political spots of all time. The biggest reason of all, though, is the Disney … Read More

How Michele Bachmann Linked Eugenics, African-American Genocide to the Planned Woman’s History Museum

On Wednesday, Michele Bachmann took to the House floor to oppose the National Women’s History Museum in a bizarre rant that linked the proposed National Mall addition to eugenics and African-American genocide. “I rise today in opposition to this bill … Read More

NY Post Cover of Monica Lewinsky’s Is Just Unprofessional

NY Post is rarely the paragon of journalistic elegance and integrity, but their latest cover regarding Monica Lewinsky’s personal reflections is just unprofessional, if not bizarre. It’s bizarre because Lewinsky’s account can’t just be summed up as “[her] life sucks!” … Read More

Ted Cruz: ‘I’m OK Talking to Gay People, But Christians Should Not Have to Do Business With Them’

Ted Cruz is alright associating with gay people, but he wants fellow Christians to know that it is okay if they are not. On Friday, at the same forum in which Houston Baptist University President Robert B. Sloan, Jr. compared … Read More

Boycott Benghazi Investigation Committee?

As Obamacare is becoming more and more popular, even amongst some conservative politicians, GOP and Fox News has instead re-focused their attention towards politicizing Benghazi. The Republicans in the House of Representatives are eager to form a Benghazi Investigation Committee. … Read More