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Daily Archives: May 9, 2014

Patton Oswalt Twitter “Apologies” Reveal Cult of Outrage Hypocrisy

I wrote a series of pieces this week dealing with Privilege and why matters of social protest only seem to be aimed at artists’ these days, specifically comedians. In the context of talking about things like Privilege, art—its intended message … Read More

Should a Florida Town Be Forced to Open Up Town Meeting With Satanist Prayer?

A self-described Satanist is pushing back against a Supreme Court ruling allowing prayer at town meetings by asking his Florida community to honor his own Satanic prayers. Chaz Stevens is known for causing controversy. Last year, he fought and won … Read More

Hillary Called Monica a ‘Narcissistic Loony Toon’, Why Should We Really Care?

In a recent tell-all published in Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky claims the infamy from her days at the White House sex scandal has left her unemployable and bullied by the American public. A note, supposedly penned by Hillary Clinton’s former … Read More

Teacher Won’t Be Fired After Filming Herself Mocking 11-Year-Old Autistic Student Who Got Head Stuck in a Chair

A Michigan teacher who filmed herself mocking an autistic boy who got stuck in a chair will not be fired after a yearlong effort to terminate her. Instead, the district will suspend the teacher and are looking to negotiate a … Read More

Report: Police Shot at Two Unarmed Men 377 TIMES

The Miami Dade Police Department and the State Attorney’s Office are investigating a wild incident in which 23 police officers opened fire on two unarmed men and fired off 377 rounds. According to reports, 27-year-old Adrian Montesano and 50-year-old Corsini … Read More

‘Wicked Black Monkey’: You Won’t Believe the Racist Comments N. Korea State Media Has Been Printing About Obama

The White House has condemned North Korean state media after the Korea Central News Agency wrote incredibly racist things about President Obama following his visit to South Korea. Following Obama’s visit to South Korea, the agency published two pieces that … Read More

Federal Employee Threatened in Utah, Spillover from Bundy Standoff?

Cliven Bundy has become something of a delightful national joke, what with his folksy racism and a video series on history that can best be described as US fanfiction. And while the Bundy story could have ended much more tragically—say … Read More

Clive Bundy The History Dummy

When Cliven Bundy revealed himself to be an ignorant bigot, many of those who enjoyed his spot in the national spotlight—either because they support his version of uninformed seditionist crankery or because he so perfectly represents folly of the out-of-touch … Read More