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Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

The Cult of Outrage: A High Horse is Better Than the High Road

In a recent appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, CNN anchor Don Lemon discussed both Michael Sam’s drafting and those condemning Donald Sterling. Even more surprising than the fact that the Tom Joyner Morning Show is still on-the-air, Lemon … Read More

Jon Stewart Tears Into Rush Limbaugh: ‘F*** You For Mocking Missing Nigerian Girls’

On Monday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart discussed the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, saying his two choices were either to side with activist Malala Yousafzai, who is one of the leading voices in pushing for a rescue of the 300 missing Nigerian … Read More

Swastika’d White Supremacist Who Laughed as Rape Victim Testified Against Him Meets His Maker

A white supremacist with a swastika carved into his head who made headlines when he laughed while his rape victim testified against him was found dead in his cell on Saturday in what investigators are calling a suicide. Corrections officers … Read More

Video of Cops Shooting Mentally Ill Man 11 Times Released After Officers Cleared

The family of a mentally ill man who was shot to death by police have released footage of the incident in outrage after the officers were cleared of any wrongdoing. In November, police were called after 26-year-old Michael Blair, suffering … Read More

Why Is Michael Sam Getting So Much Praise When Tim Tebow Caught So Much Hate?

First let me say—as both a fan of the NFL and a zealot for the Pittsburgh Steelers—I have always thought talking extensively about athletes outside of the context of “sports talk” (and even then) is silly. Still, there is no … Read More

Christian Post Blogger: ‘Hey Obama! It’s Not Climate Change, The End is Near’

Christian blogger Michael Bresciani thinks President Obama and his just-released climate change report is dead wrong. The weather changes being experienced across America are not the result of global warming. The apocalypse is near. “All that the bible reveals about … Read More

Rafael Cruz: Obama Wants to Keep People Poor So He Can Buy Their Votes

Right-wing nutter and father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, unleashed his latest anti-Obama rant this weekend in an interview with Ginni Thomas posted on the Daily Caller. Taking aim at Obama’s leadership, Cruz told Thomas he thinks Obama … Read More

Sandy Hook Truthers Demand School Shooting Never Happened, Kids Don’t Exist

This month, at a Newtown school board meeting, a group of conspiracy theorists took to the mike to demand the ‘truth’ about the Sandy Hook school shooting and claim that the real events on that tragic day have been covered … Read More