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Daily Archives: May 15, 2014

Hashtag Activism and the Backlash to #BringBackOurGirls

When Twitter first appeared, I thought it was the height of everything wrong that the internet hath wrought. It’s 140-character-per-message left little room for nuance or even thoughtfulness. Especially when compounded with the fact that integration with cell-phone SMS messaging … Read More

The Christian Right Has Little To Do With Christ

Yesterday we took a look at the Biblical Jesus and found, that unlike many who speak in his name, that he was basically an anti-establishment rabble rouser who seemed just as adamant to force people to challenge preconceived notions as … Read More

Report: New Trend of Gun Extremists Threatening Women Activists With Murder, Rape

A new Mother Jones report shows a new trend of gun extremists threating female activists with rape and murder for trying to rally for gun control. One of the examples cited shows a gun instructor in Florida using a Moms … Read More

Cops Caught on Video Choking, Kicking Sixth Graders Who Misbehaved on School Bus

A Florida police officer has been suspended after cell phone footage taken by students showed officers choking a sixth grader and kicking him to the ground. The Boynton Beach Police Department is investigating an incident regarding how two of their … Read More

Teen Girl Shot Friend Dead After He Wanted to Try Out Bulletproof Vest – And She Missed

A South Carolina teen has been arrested after she fired a shot at her friend’s bulletproof vest for fun and missed. According to police, 26-year-old Blake Wardell found an old Kevlar vest and asked 18-year-old Taylor Kelly to shoot him … Read More

Tom DeLay Rewrites History Again, Declaring Even the Founding Fathers Knew God Wrote the Constitution

Earlier this year, Tom DeLay declared the Constitution was written by the divine hand of God, In an interview with conservative broadcaster Matthew Hagee, DeLay advocated that mixing Christian theology was always God’s plan and claimed the American public has … Read More

Why the Convicted WikiLeaks Spy Wants to Serve Prison Sentence as a Woman

Last year, Pfc. Bradley Manning was convicted to 35 years in a military prison for leaking 700,000 secrets to WikiLeaks. Now, Manning has announced he wants to serve his time as a woman. Shortly after his conviction last year Manning … Read More

11-Year-Old Shoots Granny Over Bad Report Card

An Oklahoma woman is recovering after her 11-year-old grandson opened fire on her over a bad report card. Annie Mougell-Walker is in a neck brace and still has the .22 caliber bullet lodged in her head from the incident, which … Read More

Who Would Jesus Hate?

In my last piece I looked at Christianity’s mottled record on civil rights and the next natural step is to take a look at the source material to see if provides any clues to the inconsistency. Of course, even an … Read More