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Daily Archives: May 16, 2014

Glenn Beck Has “The Smartest Audience Ever in Television”

Glenn Beck has been getting some complaints from his viewers lately because he keeps referencing all of his revelations and “arguments with God” but never lets them in on any details. On Thursday, Beck responded to complaints by saying God … Read More

Residents Want NH Police Commish Fired for Calling Obama a ‘F***ing N***er”

Residents of Wolfesboro, New Hampshire are outraged after their Police Commissioner called President Obama a “f***ing n***er” to crowded restaurant. According to Wolfesboro resident Jane O’Toole, she and her family were at a restaurant to celebrate her being eight years … Read More

Elderly Woman With MASSIVE Tumor Turned Away From 4 Hospitals Because She Didn’t Have Insurance

An Atlanta woman was turned away by four hospitals because she didn’t have health insurance despite having a massive growing tumor in her stomach that imminently needed to be removed. According to reports, 59-year-old Doris Lewis had a tumor so … Read More

Waiting on the World to End: Apocalyptic Christians and Climate Change

We’ve spent the past week taking an in-depth look at Christianity, its politics, and how those line up with the stories in the Bible. For those on the right to deny the poor access to healthcare or benefits, homosexuals basic … Read More

Right-Wing Blogger: Ghosts of Aborted Children Will Haunt Obama Library

Last week, Christian Post blogger Michael Bresciani warned that President Obama’s new climate change study was mis-information and that real reason we are noticing changing weather patterns is that the end is near. Now, Bresciani is at it again, this … Read More

Albuquerque Police Officer Burns Off Man’s Ear With Taser, Gets Promotion

The Albuquerque police have quite a track record of police brutality and mismanagement, prompting public protests and a federal investigation into the troubled New Mexico department. Now, it appears they have rewarded one out-of-control cop with a promotion and put him … Read More

Did He Cheat? Rush Limbaugh Children’s Book Award Win Raises Eyebrows

This week, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh added a new line to his résumé – award-winning children’s book author. Beating out Wimpy Kids author Jeff Kinney for the top prize, Limbaugh won for “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” a … Read More

Want to Know What’s Going to Happen in 2016? Pay Attention to the Elections Happening Now

As Mediaite.com’s weekly “Hillary Watch” clearly indicates, cable news loves talking about the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. It’s no secret that much of the architecture of cable news is built around speculative political talk from pundits who are far more … Read More