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Daily Archives: May 20, 2014

Sen. Al Franken Warns Against Dangers Media Mergers, Opposition to Net Neutrality

In 1994, the first computer wired for the internet entered our household. At the time, the internet was not even considered a luxury, but an oddity. Ten years later, it was obvious that the internet was here to stay, but … Read More

Chicago Police Abuse Woman, Threaten to Deport Her in UPS Box ‘Back to Wherever the F*** She Came From’

An Asian woman is suing the Chicago Police Department after they reportedly abused her and made threats after they raided a tanning salon where she worked. Last summer, plain clothes police raided a tanning salon where Jessica Klyzek worked. They … Read More

Affluenza: Slap on the Wrist for Wealthy Man Charged With SEVENTH DUI

A Washington man has been given a mere year of work release as punishment for speeding away from cops and being busted for his seventh DUI. Police arrested 42-year-old Joshua Shaun Goodman in December after he was caught driving over … Read More

Right-Wing Rant: Skip Impeachment, Put Obama in Jail!

World News Daily is known for its anti-Obama rants. Now the far-right website is claiming that the best bet to get Obama out of office is to put him in jail. In a column published on Tuesday, right-winger Jack Wheeler … Read More

Mixing Burritos with Bullets: Open Carry Activists Bring Assault Rifles into Fast Food Restaurant

Chipotle wants to make it clear. Guns and fast food do not mix. “Recently participants from an ‘open carry’ demonstration in Texas brought guns (including military-style assault rifles) into one of our restaurants, causing many of our customers anxiety and … Read More

Megachurch Pastor: History Will Cast Obama, Pro-Choice Advocates As Perpetrators of Genocide

A conservative megachurch pastor has declared that when abortion is inevitably made illegal, future generations will tour abortion clinics like we tour Auschwitz today and judge those opposed to traditional, pro-life values harshly for their part in genocide and the … Read More

Ted Cruz’s Dad: The Bible Tells You Exactly to Vote For in Today’s Elections

Rafael Cruz, the outspoken father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, told a Foxboro, Massachusetts audience last week that Christians should have no trouble when deciding how to cast their vote. It is all in the Bible. “And let me tell … Read More