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Daily Archives: May 21, 2014

Oklahoma Must Pay $300,000 After Passing Law Banning Sharia Law in the Courts

The State of Oklahoma must pay $300,000 in legal fees after a group of concerned citizens challenged the state over their anti-Sharia Law legislation. The ‘Save our State Amendment,’ approved by 70 percent of the voters in 2010, attempted to … Read More

Republican Congressman: Only Property Owners Should be Allowed to Vote

Florida Congressman Ted Yoho has a novel idea to stop uninformed voting – only allow property owners to vote. In a video found by Right Wing Watch, Yoho is at a campaign event at Berean Baptist Church in Ocala when … Read More

GOP Rep: Obama is ‘Empowering Radical Islamists’ Like Boko Haram

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, in an interview with conservative news/hate site WorldNetDaily, accused President Obama of “empowering radical Islamists.” Addressing the Boko Haram situation in Nigeria, the Texas Representative says “as someone whose cousins were Christian missionaries in Africa, I … Read More

Shock: Cop With History of Brutality Kicked Student in the Groin So Hard His Testicle Ruptured

After months of outrage over the rampant brutality complaints plaguing the Albuquerque Police Department, another officer has been caught kicking a drunk driving suspect so hard in the groin that he ruptured his testicle. On April 25, Officer Pablo Padilla … Read More

Right This Time Around? New Book Claims to Identify True Zodiac Killer

A new book claims to finger the elusive Zodiac Killer. Yet even with compelling evidence, the chemical cleaning exec turned serial killer sleuth and will have to wait in line behind a number of Zodiac theorists. Over the years, a … Read More

Oops! Pro-Voter ID Candidate Turned Away from Polls When He Doesn’t Have ID

An Arkansas GOP candidate running for governor on a pro-voter ID platform made an embarrassing mistake at the polls. He forgot his ID. According to the Associated Press, an aide was sent to fetch Asa Hutchinson’s photo identification, enabling him … Read More

Net Neutrality: During Congressional Beatdown FCC’s Wheeler Hints at Banning “Fast Lanes”

Chairman of the Federal Communications Tom Wheeler faced bipartisan criticism Tuesday during a hearing before the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee over the FCC’s plan to regulate the internet. Yet, even though both Republicans and Democrats asked critical questions, they … Read More

Net Neutrality: Lessons Learned After the Monopoly Crumbled

When it comes to Net Neutrality the politics of the issue seem only to exist because in modern America everything has to be a partisan issue. In the case of whether or not the FCC should use its authority to … Read More

Concerned Women of America Applaud Closure of University’s Woman’s Studies Department

A pro-LGBT event at the University of South Carolina-Upstate caused a firestorm of controversy and threats by Republican lawmakers to cut off funding to the school. Now, the right-wing is gloating after the administration bowed to lawmakers by nixing the … Read More

Net Neutrality: The Dangers of Consolidated Media

While Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota is exactly right to caution against an “internet fast lane” available at a premium to deep-pocketed customers, his other claim that media mergers threatens democracy is worth examining. Currently, two major mergers are happening … Read More