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Daily Archives: May 23, 2014

Rafael Cruz: Separation of Church and State Means the Church Should Influence Government As Much As Possible

The outspoken father of Senator Ted Cruz is at it again, this time convincing local pastors that they are not doing their jobs properly unless they are using their pulpits to influence politics and the media. Rewriting history, Rafael Cruz … Read More

Virginia County Board: Followers of ‘Pre-Christian’ Deities are Not Allowed to Offer Prayers at Public Meetings

Virginia county officials are okay with having prayer open up public meetings – as long as it is not ‘pre-Christian’ or polytheistic prayer. Chesterfield county officials maintain an official list of approved clergy that are allowed to open public meetings. … Read More

WikiLeaks Names Country Held Back by Gleen Greenwald’s The Intercept

Glenn Greenwald, agree with him or disagree with him, is without question one of America’s most dedicated and perseverant journalists. So when in his latest report for The Intercept  Greenwald declined to mention the name of a country under near-total … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Mark Cuban Racist or Honest?

I’ve written before about The Cult of Outrage and in doing so, I said that Don Lemon, of CNN and The Tom Joyner Morning Show, is one of the more prominent figures who seem to forever be asking for apologies … Read More

After Outrage Over Inhumane Executions, Tennessee Will Force Inmates Into Electric Chair

Many were outraged after a botched execution in Oklahoma and states are now looking for new ways to get around the European-led boycott of execution drug sales. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has a novel idea to fix the problem (if … Read More

Republican Mayor Arrested for Sexually Abusing Woman

Calvin Coleman, the mayor of Culpepper, Virginia, was arrested on Tuesday for reportedly sexually abusing a woman. According to reports, Mayor Calvin “Chip” Coleman has been charged with sexual battery after a 36-year-old woman accused him of sexually abusing her … Read More

Jon Stewart: Let’s Just Admit That US Has Been F***ing Veterans Over For Centuries

Jon Stewart discussed the Veterans Affairs healthcare scandal that has led to at least 40 veteran deaths from long waiting times on Thursday and took a look back at how veterans have been treated by previous administrations. Stewart said “let’s … Read More