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Daily Archives: May 26, 2014

After Epic Fail of Operation American Spring, Beck’s Fans Brand Him an Anti-Patriot

Operation American Spring did not work out as expected. Of the millions  promised to descend on Washington DC to demand the president’s ouster, only hundreds showed up. In fact, so few showed that Right Wing Watch said the event, which … Read More

Second-Grade Girl Was ‘Forced to Urinate in Trash Can in Class’ While Classmates Taunted

A Las Vegas mother is outraged after her second-grade daughter was forced to urinate in a trash can inside her classroom where her classmates taunted her while the school was on lockdown. According to reports, while the Ruth Fyfe Elementary … Read More

The Dangers of (Ignoring) Misogyny: #YesAllWomen Starkly Highlights Everyday Sexism

The Isla Vista shooting was about misogyny not easy access to guns or lack of access to mental health care, despite the narrative the news media usually tries to construct around these events.  Yet, because even “the news” seems to … Read More

NE Mayor to Atheist Group: ‘Minorities Are Not Going to Ruin My City!’

A Nebraska judge told a group of atheists concerned over a violation of church and state exactly how he felt about their desire to discuss a Memorial Day weekend ‘Faith and Freedom’ event. “Take me to f-cking court, I don’t … Read More

The Dangers of (Ignoring) Violent Misogyny: Isla Vista Shooting NOT About Mental Illness

Yesterday, I wrote about how the media covers mass shootings, especially when the shooter leaves behind a trove of crazy rantings like the Isla Vista shooter. However my friend, writer and comedian Liz Labacz, made some points that stuck with … Read More

Obama During Memorial Day Visit to Troops: The War Will End By the End of the Year

During a surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan to coincide with Memorial Day, President Obama pledged to bring America’s longest war to a ‘responsible end’ by the close of the year. “For many of you, this will be your … Read More

‘You’re Killing Him!’: Horrified Family Watches as Cops Taser Suspect 18 TIMES

A newly released video shows a disturbing confrontation between two Missouri police officers and a suspect. According to The Daily Mail, the video shows a man “writhing on the floor while two uniformed Springfield Police battle to restrain him. One … Read More

Tea Party Favorite Ben Carson: VA Deaths Scandal ‘a Gift From God’

Dozens of veterans are dead because of the Veterans Affairs department’s failure to provide adequate and timely healthcare but Tea Party favorite and possible 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson apparently believes that’s a good thing. Appearing on Fox News, Carson … Read More