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Daily Archives: May 27, 2014

Pick Up Artist Site: Expect More Elliot Rodgers Unless Society Provides More Men With Sex

A popular site in the “pick-up artist community” has responded to last week’s Santa Barbara shootings by saying the lives could have been saved if Elliot Rodger had more “game” and similar attacks will continue unless society “gives men more … Read More

Growing Inequality: Average CEO Now Makes 257 Times More Than You

While the economy and wages stagnate, CEO pay is rising faster than ever. According to a new Associated Press study, the average CEO now makes a record $10.5 million per year, up from $9.6 million just a year ago. According … Read More

#YesAllWomen: #NotAllMen and Considering Male Insecurity

It’s been suggested that critics of those speaking out using the #YesAllWomen should react with more compassion for those who make questionable claims or share – what in the critics’ estimation – something irrelevant. It’s also in the name of … Read More

Right-Wing Blogger on Santa Barbara Shooting Spree: ‘Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Right to Bear Arms’

Right-wing blogger Joe the Plumber aka Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is sorry that college kids died on Friday at a crazed shooters hands. Not sad enough, though, to think it should change the country’s stance on gun control and the mentally ill. … Read More

#YesAllWomen: Important Conversation or Exercise in “Self-Esteem?”

#YesAllWomen has been a tour-de-force in hashtag activism. The number of people participating in it has not dwindled over the past days. In the time it’s taken me to write these sentences more than 130 tweets using the hashtag were … Read More

Right-Winger Demands Liberals are Using Transgender Rights as a Way to Rape Little Girls

Gordon Klingenschmitt has never really bothered with hard facts to back up his outrageous claims. Yet the court martialed Navy chaplain turned Christian radio host sunk to a new low recently when he accused liberals of trying to rape little … Read More

Dad of Slain Santa Barbara Victim Rips on NRA, ‘Idiots’ in Congress for Lack of Gun Control Laws

An angry father lashed out at the NRA and the ‘rudderless bunch of  idiots’ in Congress for stalling legislation that may have prevented his son’s killer from getting a gun. Richard Martinez, father of Santa Barbara shooting rampage victim Chris … Read More