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Daily Archives: May 30, 2014

GOP Candidate Inadvertently Makes Best Pro-Immigration Argument Ever: ‘If Enough Immigrants Come, The GOP Will Go Extinct’

Drew Turiano is an outspoken opponent of immigrants rights and everything liberal. Yet, during a recent debate, he may have given Democrats one of the best reasons ever to support pro-immigration measures – it could potentially wipe out the GOP … Read More

Should This Dad Be on Probation for Making His Kid Walk Home from School Alone?

A Hawaii man has been ordered to pay a $200 fine and spend a year on probation, all for telling his kid to walk home from school in order to think about what he had done. Robert Demond of Kilauea … Read More

Mass Shootings and Mental Illness: Correlation Not Causation

It’s the end of a week that began with shock and horror at the tragedy of yet another mass-shooting. In that time we’ve discussed sexism – both against women and men – and gun control. The last part of the … Read More

Tolerating Intolerance: Listening More and Justice by Degrees

Thought experiment: There is an old man who lives in a home that’s been in his family for generations, which just happens to be directly across the street from a public park with a high amount of daily traffic. Displayed … Read More

SWAT Team Throws Grenade Into Toddler’s Crib Causing Coma, Severe Burns During Drug Raid

During a drug raid on an Atlanta home, police threw a stun grenade into the crib of a 19-month-old boy whose family was visiting relatives in the home, causing serious burns and requiring the toddler to be put in a … Read More

Right Wing Rant: Maya Angelou ‘Talentless,’ ‘Whining,’ ‘Affirmative Action Mediocrity’

Former National Review columnist John Derbyshire, now apparently writing for White Nationalist site VDARE, wrote a column about Maya Angelou’s passing and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Atlantic article ‘The Case for Reparations’ attacking what he calls “talentless Affirmative Action mediocrities.” He writes, … Read More

Miami Stop-and-Frisk Program Labels 5-Year-Olds as ‘Suspicious’, 8,500 Kids Searched by Cops

A new investigation by Fusion has found some outrageous evidence of incredibly questionable practices by Miami Gardens police as part of their version of the controversial Stop-and-Frisk program. For example, police stopped a “young black man” who, per the police … Read More

Tom DeLay: America’s Next Spiritual Revival Will Bring People Back to God, the Constitution and the Republican Party

Tom DeLay is sounding more like a preacher than a politician these days, working hard to evangelize the American people to his message that God and politics do indeed mix. In case you missed it, here is the gospel according … Read More

Dick Cheney: Obama is a ‘Very, Very Weak President – the Weakest I Have Seen in My Life’

Dick Cheney, speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, said President Obama is the weakest US president he has ever seen. At first, Hannity played a clip of Obama saying “since World War II, some of our most costly mistakes came … Read More