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Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

AFA Affiliate Accuses LGBT-Affirming Churches of ‘Spiritual Whoredom’

Churches that welcome and affirm all persons – including the LGBT community – are the vicars of Satan and traitors to God’s name according to Mark Creech of the American Family Association affiliate Christian Action League (CAL). In a recent … Read More

TransAmerica: Soft Violence and the “Tranny Prank”

While researching the brutal attack of two transgender women on Atlanta public transportation, I discovered a video by internet “prankster” and DJ Josh Paler Lin. In this video the “prank” is that Lin dresses up as a “transsexual” (an outdated … Read More

TransAmerica: Video of Vicious Attack Against Trans Women While Onlookers Cheer

This weekend, we took a wide-angle look at the larger issues about transgender rights and their battle both for societal acceptance and (the very human) battle for self-acceptance. While these issues are worth examining, when discussed in the abstract it … Read More

Too Scary for the NRA? Gun Group Slams Open Carry Texas

Even the National Rifle Association thinks the Texas extremists carrying guns into public places have gone too far. In a recent statement, the NRA told Open Carry Texas to knock it off because seeing a bunch of thugs walk into … Read More

Donald Sterling Girlfriend V. Stiviano Beaten by 2 Men in Racial Attack

Donald Sterling’s former girlfriend V. Stiviano was reportedly attacked by two men shouting racial slurs outside of a restaurant in New York on Sunday. According to her attorney Mac Nehoray, Stiviano was leaving a restaurant when two men “punched her … Read More

‘Instead of Shaming Girls For Their Bodies, Teach Boys That Girls Aren’t Sexual Objects’: Girl Humiliated in Class For Wearing Shorts

A Montreal teen is fighting back after she was suspended for wearing short shorts to class on a hot day. According to reports, high school student Lindsey Stocker wore a pair of short denim shorts to school on May 21. … Read More

6 Cleveland Cops Charged in ‘Racially Motivated Execution’ After Firing 130 Shots at Unarmed Black Couple in Schoolyard

Six Cleveland police officers have been charged in the shooting of an unarmed black couple in which officers fired 137 shots following a car chase. Though the incident happened in 2012, it’s still unclear why 43-year-old Timothy Russell and 30-year-old … Read More