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Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

What Does the Greenpeace, the Tea Party, and Code Pink Have in Common? Reset the Net!

It has been almost a year since NSA analyst Edward Snowden leaked a treasure trove of classified documents to Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Despite the initial shock of just how much information the government has been able to collect … Read More

Study Under Review Claims Online Drug Dealing Cuts Violence in Drug Trade

There is little debate about how badly the war on drugs has failed since Richard Nixon started it in 1971. Since then prison populations have skyrocketed, Black and Hispanic populations have been disproportionately targeted, and (at least in 2008) we … Read More

Men’s Rights Activist: Feminism is a Billion Dollar Hate Industry and Now They are Sending Us Death Threats

Men’s rights activists demand feminists are behind an attempt to stop a men’s conference in Detroit. The International Conference on Men’s Issues, with help of blogger Dean Esmay, recently launched a crowd-funding campaign featuring a female anti-feminist to raise an … Read More

Judge Orders Sovereign Citizen to Send Kid to School or Go to Jail

A Florida judge has ruled that a man who claims to be a sovereign citizen must send his kid to school or go to jail. Joseph Rosa, who disavows US law and claims to be bound only by the rules … Read More

‘We Hang Blacks for Drinking White People Only Water’: Workers Sue Boss For Horrific Discrimination

African-American workers are suing a cotton gin in Memphis for discrimination after their bosses were caught saying horrific racist remarks to their employees and co-workers. Antonio Harris and Marrio Mangrum says their boss “longed for the days of Jim Crow, … Read More

‘You Look Like a Member of the Taliban’: Fox News Trashes Father of POW Missing for 5 Years For Beard He Grew For Son

The Fox & Friends panel took turns bashing the family of returning POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl because the beard his father grew in support of his son while he was imprisoned for five years looked like “a member of the … Read More

‘Why Would You Bring Black People Into The World?’: Donald Sterling Hit With New Racism Lawsuit

New racist comments made by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling have come to light after a lawsuit filed by a woman claiming to be his former mistress. According to plaintiff Maiko Maya King, Sterling launched into “a stream of racist … Read More

Right-Wing Rant: Learning Sex-Ed Can Turn You into a Democrat

A conservative activist and home-school expert advised parents that if their kids took sex-ed in school they just might end up liberals. Warning about a liberal plot to desensitize kids to sex and possibly even make them horny, Marjorie Holsten … Read More