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Daily Archives: June 6, 2014

Tea Party Nation: ‘Impeach and Arrest the Tyrant King Obama’

On Thursday, Tea Party Nation sent an inflammatory e-mail to members encouraging them to rise up against the current occupant of the White House and demand Obama’s arrest for giving aid to terrorists. “I hereby call on all members of … Read More

Open Carry Activists: Don’t Blame Us for Leaving a Loaded Gun in a Toy Aisle at Target

Last week, a South Carolina Target employee found a loaded gun perched on top of Playskool box in the toy aisle. Now Open Carry activists want to make it clear they are not to blame. Immediately after the gun was … Read More

Armed Sovereign Citizen Plots to Takeover Georgia Courthouse, Injures Deputy

A self-avowed sovereign citizen is dead after he declared war on a Georgia courthouse. Dennis Marx walked into the Forsyth County courthouse at approximately 10:30 on Friday morning brandishing heavy weapons and intending to takeover the government building and possibly … Read More

Tony Perkins: Christians Forced to Bake Cakes For Gays Like Forcing Jews Into Nazi Ovens

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins spoke to the attorney of a baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding on Washington Watch yesterday and compared forcing Christians to bake a cake to Nazi’s putting Jews … Read More

Shock Poll: Most Americans Think Obama Less Competent Than Bush

Say what you will about Fox News, their polling data has actually been kinder to President Obama than many polls conducted by “unbiased” firms. A new Fox News poll, however, has found that a plurality of Americans consider the Obama … Read More

Horrifying Conditions Plague Real ‘Orange is the New Black’ Jail

The popular Netflix series documenting a fictional women’s prison, ‘Orange is the New Black,’ is back for a second season today but the New York Civil Liberties Union has released a report showing that the hardships the show’s characters face … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Internet Commenters Post Address, Phone Number of “Racist Stripper Mom” Online

The Cult of Outrage, as I first envisioned it, was a select group of media personalities and special interest groups who attack public figures and celebrities who say things that are considered “offensive” to that particular group. Normally, they only … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Al Sharpton Tries to Scold Justin Bieber from the Future

BREAKING: A teenager told some racist jokes once and Al Sharpton is appalled. Al Sharpton has had a long career in the public eye. According to The Christian Science Monitor at the age of four “he preached his first sermon” … Read More

NY Judge: Innocent People are Going to Jail Because of Broken Plea Deal System

Innocent people are going to jail because of our broken judicial system that forces them to choose between “Lucifer and Satan,” according to a New York Federal Judge. Manhattan Federal Judge Jed Rakoff said in a recent interview with the … Read More

TransAmerica: Serving a Country that Doesn’t Want Their Service

One hallmark of the United States military is the way it treats individuality. In some contexts, being called “an individual” in the ranks is a derision, because the military takes “people” and turns them into “soldiers;*” that they are simply … Read More