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Daily Archives: June 9, 2014

Columnist ‘Read Somewhere’ That Obama ‘Registered as a Muslim in Hawaii’

WorldNetDaily columnist and former “700 Club” host Ben Kinchlow believes that the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl shows that President Obama is a “secret Muslim.” After all, he “read somewhere that the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama … Read More

Former Bush Official on Same Day as Las Vegas Attacks: ‘There is No Such Thing as a Threat of Far-Right Violence’

The far right does not pose any threat of violence, according to a former Bush official Horace Cooper. In fact, Cooper eerily claimed on the same day as the latest extremist attack,  there is no link to racism and the … Read More

Alex Jones: Las Vegas Shooting is ‘False Flag,’ ‘Custom-Made to Demonize Patriots’

The Las Vegas shooting of two police officers and a bystander by a white supremacist couple has reminded many of the threat that the still-very-much-alive white power movement holds but conspiracy nut and surprisingly popular talk show host Alex Jones … Read More

FL Republican: I Only Called Them the N-Word Because I Felt ‘Threatened’

A Florida city commissioner apologized for shouting the n-word at a woman and her car’s passengers but defended himself, saying he only did so because he was “protecting himself” from an “immediate threat.” According to a police report that was … Read More

‘Abortion Barbie’ Poster Fight Continues: Davis Fights Back, Abbott Refuses to Apologize for Vile Ads

Conservative media has been gloating about the success of life-sized ‘Abortion Barbie’ posters meant to derail the Texas gubernatorial campaign of Wendy Davis. Now, Davis has decided to fight back and penned an open letter calling for her supporters to … Read More

Couple Behind Walmart ‘Revolution’ Shooting Linked to Bundy Ranch, White Supremacists

On Sunday, an armed couple descended on a Las Vegas pizza parlor and killed two cops. Then, shouting about ‘revolution’ they walked into a nearby Walmart where they shot an innocent bystander before taking their own lives. Now, it appears … Read More

Climate Change: Disingenuous Contrarians or How the Debate Persists

When one looks at how the scientific community arrived at consensus about man-made climate change, the argument for it is very compelling. So that might lead one to ask, “Why is there even a debate about it at all?” Well, … Read More

Understanding the Science of Climate Change

For those who remain unconvinced about the realities of climate change or at perhaps have never researched it before at all, it can be confusing to discern fact from opinion in the millions of words that have been written about … Read More