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Daily Archives: June 10, 2014

Walmart Seafood Linked to Human Trafficking and Slavery

Walmart is among the retailers linked to a Thai seafood company accused of human trafficking and slavery. The issue of slave labor and fishing has been known to supermarkets, including Walmart,  for quite some time. In 2009, a United Nations … Read More

KKK Recruiting Children and War Veterans for Next Armed Race War

The Ku Klux Klan is preparing for the next armed race war and they are recruiting children and returned soldiers as their front line forces. At a recruitment rally held in Parkersburg, West Virginia, a Klan leader explained how the … Read More

Huh? GOP Congressman Says Dinosaurs Extinction Proves Climate Change is a Lie

A Florida Congressman became an inadvertent advertisement for science education this week when he declared that the fact dinosaurs went extinct proves that climate change must be a big, old liberal lie. Talking about his anti-climate change stance on MSNBC … Read More

George Will: Rape Victims Enjoy ‘Coveted Status’ on College Campuses

Fox News contributor and Washington Post columnist George Will has penned a new piece, writing that rape victims enjoy a “coveted status” on college campuses. Will writes that universities are being educated by Washington, saying “they are learning that when … Read More

Indiana Man Pleads Guilty to Fatally Shooting 3-Year-Old in the Head During ‘Gun Game’

An Indiana man has pleaded guilty after fatally shooting his fiancee’s 3-year-old son while playing a “gun game.” According to court documents, 24-year-old Zachariah Grisham has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of child neglect. Police say Grisham and the … Read More

The Politics of Science: It’s Not What You Think

Days of videos and millions of words on the internet have been dedicated to conspiracies of all types. Some have even made entire careers out of it. Those who do it the best are able to draw in the casually … Read More

White Teacher Made Black Students Say ‘Yes, Sir, Master’ When Adressing Him

An Iowa teacher is being investigated after he allegedly told a black student to say “Yes, sir, master” when addressing him. According to student Jabre White, he and his teacher, Shawn McCurtain, had a confrontation at Roosevelt High School after … Read More

Behind the Climate Change Consensus Numbers

If the debates about climate change between scientists and pundits are essentially useless, what about the debate between scientists? The figure cited by everyone from comedians like John Oliver to the President of the United States,  is that “97 percent of … Read More