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Daily Archives: June 12, 2014

Libertarian Rant: Las Vegas Killers Were Heroes, Killing Cops Saves Lives

A libertarian gun activist has taken to his internet show to make the audacious claim that Jerad and Amanda Miller were the ‘real’ victims in the Las Vegas shooting and had every right to kill cops because cops are murderers. … Read More

White Supremacists Distribute Fliers Asking Soldiers to Fight in Coming Race War

Law enforcement officials are investigating an apparent recruitment attempt by white supremacist groups after soldiers at Fort Carson in Colorado found fliers and CDs trying to recruit soldiers to fight for a “white nation” in the apparently imminent race war. … Read More

Climate Change: Majority of Americans Would Pay to Fix It

One ironic thing about the media-saturated world in which we now live is that – even though there is more information available at our fingertips than ever – many of us can get caught-up in an echo-chamber of ideology and … Read More

Mother of Seven Dies While Serving Two-Day Jail Term For Kids’ Truancy

A Pennsylvania woman serving a two-day jail sentence for her kids’ truancy violations mysteriously died in her cell on Saturday and many are questioning what happened to her and why she was in jail in the first place. Authorities say … Read More

Buying Us Some Time: Scientists’ Short-Term Fixes for Climate Change

World governments debate what do to about climate change, but that debate is very narrow. In truth, we can’t legislate ourselves out of this mess. While a carbon tax or emissions trading system might help us start down the right … Read More

Canadian and Australian Leaders Slam Obama on Climate Change

Since the science is mostly settled on what has happened to the planet as a result of climate change, scientists know that if humanity keeps growing in population and energy consumption the problems will only get worse. It makes sense, … Read More

With Cantor Defeated, Every Single GOP Member of Congress is a Christian

With the shocking defeat of Eric Cantor, the Republicans in Congress lost their only non-Christian member. Cantor has long been the only Republican Jew in Congress. His potential replacement, Tea Party activist David Brat, in contrast, is an outspoken Christian … Read More