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Daily Archives: June 17, 2014

The U.S. Choice on Iraq: Help Al Qaeda or Ally with Iran

The choice about whether or not the United States should get involved with Iraq is a valid question, and part of answering that is to examine what is at the heart of this current unrest in Iraq. Is it another … Read More

President Obama Orders 275 Troops to Indefinite Deployment in Iraq

In what may been seen as a hypocritical move by the Obama administration after telling Americans that he wouldn’t be sending U.S. ground forces to Iraq, the President sent a letter to Congress today informing them of the deployment of … Read More

Missouri Town Bans Openly Carrying Firearms to Keep Family-Friendly Atmosphere, Attract Tourists

A Missouri town has banned the open carrying of firearms in its town so it does not lose its ‘family-friendly’ appeal. Lake Ozark’s Board of Alderman voted to institute the open carry restrictions because local businesses and residents worried that … Read More

Columnist Wants ‘White Christian Conservative President’ Because of Michelle’s Vacations, Benghazi

WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie has penned a new piece, writing that Michelle Obama’s lack of “social grace” and “lavish shopping sprees” are among the reasons the next president needs to be a “white Christian conservative.” Massie writes “[Obama] has traded … Read More

Fox News: Iraq Violence Proves Bush Was Right About ‘Pretty Much Everything’

Leave it to Fox News to play it fast and loose with the facts. In a segment on Monday, Fox News asserted that President Bush was right to take over Iraq because the ISIS is threatening to take over the … Read More

Lethal Injections Resume in America, Georgia Man First Set to Die

A convicted rapist and murder is set to die tonight in Georgia, the nation’s first test of lethal injection since the botched execution of Clayton Lockett. Marcus Wellons, age 58, was sentenced to death in 1989 for the rape and … Read More

Iraq Warmongerers Continue to Defend Iraqi Invasion/Occupation, Says It’s to “Liberate Iraq”

Iraq is a trending topic in the headlines once again, and as before, all the pundits are more than eager to say their piece, and then some. Many of the voices are familiar ones – politicians like John McCain, Paul … Read More

How Radio Icon Casey Kasem Was Behind TV’s First Vegetarian Cartoon Character

Over the weekend, the country lost a radio icon. Casey Kasem, the voice of the classic radio show ‘American Top 40’ lost his battle with a debilitating form of dementia that destroyed both mind and body. He was 82. Yet … Read More