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Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

Doomsday Prepper Gives Up on Bloody Standoff in Exchange for Some Burgers

After spending two days on the lam, a Florida doomsday prepper gave up his plans for a bloody battle with police in exchange for some dry shoes and some cheeseburgers. Martin Winters had run into the woods earlier this week … Read More

‘You Can Take Your N***** Ass Back Where It Came From’: Teacher Fired After Racist Facebook Rant

An Ohio teacher has been fired after posting an incredibly racist Facebook rant about black teenagers that he caught urinating by his yard. The Akron school board conducted an investigation that found that 51-year-old David Spondike violated the staff conduct … Read More

Bus Driver Shot Himself, Made Up Story That His Bible Stopped Bullets in ‘Hate Attack’ by ‘3 Black Men’

An Ohio bus driver who claimed that three black men shot him in a “hate attack” but his Bible stopped the bullets lied, according to Dayton police. In February, 49-year-old Rickey Wagoner claimed that three black men assaulted him outside … Read More

Unreal: Cop Caught on Video Shooting Unarmed, HANDCUFFED Suspect – Won’t Be Charged

A newly released video shows an El Paso officer shooting an unarmed and handcuffed suspect at a jail house. The video shows Officer Jose Flores and a guard dragging 37-year-old Daniel Saenz, a bodybuilder and former Mr. El Paso, through … Read More

UN’s Ban Ki-Moon: ‘No Concrete Evidence’ That the Israeli Boys Were Actually Kidnapped

The kidnapping of three Israeli boys, one who is also U.S. citizen, sent shock waves through Israel and threatened to undo any progress made towards already tenuous peace goals in the area.  Now, one week after United Nations Secretary-General Ban … Read More

Dick Cheney Doubles Down on Claims Iraq is Obama’s Fault and Proof It’s All a Lie

During this time of violence in Iraq, the news media has inexplicably began to trot out all of the old familiar hawks who were responsible for the push for war more than a decade ago. In a stunning move, the … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Washington Redskins

We live in rapidly changing times, and because some people are slower to evolve than others, public figures and private citizens alike are being publicly shamed on the internet for espousing socially distasteful ideas. Even if it was years ago. … Read More