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Daily Archives: June 21, 2014

Cult of Outrage: Trigger Warnings for Saying “Redskins” and a Stupid Defense of the Name

The Washington Redskins controversy continues, and even though there seems to be a wave of rising intensity for the organization to drop the name there are still those who speak out against it. Former Redskins tight end and current ESPN … Read More

MN GOP Supreme Court Candidate Demands She Will Rule Based on God’s Law

A Bible-waving GOP candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court won her party’s endorsement by declaring she will base her rulings on God’s law. In a speech made at the Minnesota GOP convention on May 30, Michelle MacDonald promised to bring … Read More

Columnist: Obama Committed Treason, Helped Train ISIS Militants Taking Over Iraq

A false argument built on a false argument. WorldNetDaily columnist Erik Rush has penned a new column, saying that President Obama helped the ISIS rise to power, citing another WorldNetDaily article called “Blowback! U.S. Trained ISIS at Secret Jordan Base.” … Read More

Why the CIA Commissioned the Maker of GI Joe to Create an Osama bin Laden Action Figure

In 2005, the CIA approached the creator of GI Joe with a novel idea – make an action figure of terrorist Osama bin Laden. Ronald Levine, who had earned his fame with GI Joe and other Hasbro classics, took on … Read More

Republican on Marriage Equality: ‘Be a Real Man! Women are Desperately Looking for a Husband’

On Thursday morning, Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp spoke at a rally opposing gay marriage laws in Washington DC. Standing at the podium flanked by children on both sides, the Kansas GOP Congressman told the ‘March of Marriage’ crowd that the gay … Read More