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Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin Says “War On Women” is Being Waged by Hillary Clinton

In the ongoing onslaught of media coverage and even opposition attacks of Hillary Clinton – who neither holds nor has announced intention to run for any public office – an old favorite has appeared back on the scene. Former GOP … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Gary Oldman Called Anti-Semitic After Candid Playboy Interview

Gary Oldman is one of Hollywood’s most-beloved actors, having portrayed iconic characters like Sirius Black and Commissioner Gordon, but many may have not have known that he’s something of a conservative. Now, most of you may be thinking “Who cares … Read More

Todd Akin Doubles Down on ‘Legitimate Rape’ Claims, Says Hillary Clinton ‘De-Legitimized’ 12-Year-Old Rape Victim

Former Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin is back, and he’s bashing Hillary Clinton saying that she is a hypocrite because she got a child rapist off while working as a defense attorney in the 1970s. Akin told MailOnline, “when [Hillary … Read More

‘So Little Regard for Human Life’: Woman Gets Beaten in Front of Her Kid, Bystanders Do Nothing to Stop It

A 2-year-old tried desperately to rescue his mom from a brutal attack while bystanders stood by videotaping the whole thing. A South Jersey woman, identified as LaTia Harris and wearing what appears to be a McDonald’s uniform, is seen on … Read More

GOP Solution for Homelessness: Give Them a Bus Ticket Out of Town

A GOP Councilwoman outlined the problem with homelessness programs across the country. They are just too focused on finding people homes. Outraged that taxpayer money was being used to help people get back on their feet, Colorado Springs Councilwoman Helen Collins … Read More