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Daily Archives: June 27, 2014

Republicans Can Be Funny Too! Gohmert Photobombs Fellow GOPer During Fox Interview

Rep. Louis Gohmert’s antics on Capitol Hill are usually no laughing matter. This week, however, the Texas Republican showed that even the most stalwart of the GOP can have a sense of humor once in a while too. After seeing … Read More

Obamacare May Be Responsible for Latest Economic “Crash”

Since the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare has been in full-swing for some time now, the discussion – if there is any more discussion of it at all – will move out of the theoretical and into the actual. One … Read More

Supposed Bellwether Mid-Term Republican Primary Slogs on As McDaniels Refuses to Concede to Cochran

Sen. Thad Cochran won his run-off primary in Mississippi against Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel by reaching out to democrats in his state. McDaniel however says that he will not concede the race, citing not just (in his words) the … Read More

Conservative NY Post Columnist Calls Senator a ‘Spear Chucker’

New York Post columnist Fred Dicker is under fire for calling a state senator a “spear chucker” over his relationship with the predominantly black New York City Democratic delegation. On his WGDJ AM 1300 talk show on Thursday, Dicker said, … Read More

Ann Coulter: ‘No American Whose Great Grandfather Was Born Here is Watching Soccer,’ Interest Sign of Nation’s ‘Moral Decay’

Ann Coulter didn’t share the country’s enthusiasm over the U.S. Mens National Team making the knockout round of the 2014 World Cup, instead writing that the nation’s interest in soccer is a sign of the public’s “moral decay.” This week, … Read More

Birth Control and Abortion are the Real War on Women? This Right-to-Lifer Thinks So

Joy Pinto runs a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in Birmingham, Alabama. She also thinks abortion and birth control come from the ‘pit of hell.’ Claiming it is the liberals who distort the truth, Pinto told the National Right to Life … Read More

Daily Show Illustrates How Depressingly Dangerous College Campuses Have Become For Women

The Daily Show took aim at the unfortunate “rape culture” that has developed across college campuses with a skit comparing what men have to do to stay safe during a night out compared to women. The skit starts off with … Read More

Columnist: ‘We Don’t Even Know Obama’s Real Name, Real Place of Birth’

BarbWire senior editor Jeff Allen has penned a new column, writing that President Obama is a “spiritual phony” and we can’t know what his religion is since we “don’t even know his real name or his actual place of birth.” … Read More