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Daily Archives: June 28, 2014

Even Fox News Thinks Michele Bachmann Should Stop Finger-Pointing and ‘Just Do Something’ to Help the Country Instead

Even Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto doesn’t think Michele Bachmann’s support of  a lawsuit against President Barack Obama is right. In fact, Cavuto told Bachmann on the air this week that it was an “enormous waste of effort” to sue … Read More

June 28, 1914: The Start of the War Century.

One hundred years ago today, a young man named Gavrilio Princip – a terrorist or freedom fighter, depending on whom you ask – shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and essentially set the course of the century that followed it. … Read More

Columnist: The World Cup is a Leftist Plot to Ruin America, Shows US as ‘Unexceptional’

Inspired by Ann Coulter’s recent trolling of World Cup fans, the conservative media has ramped up its war on soccer because, clearly, there is more to this World Cup business than just a tournament that has occurred every four years … Read More

Is This Justice? Ohio Man Loses Job, Arrested After Kid Skips Church to Play in Neighborhood Instead

An Ohio man says his life was turned upside down all because his 8-year-old decided to skip church. Jeffrey Williamson claimed that he was in his living room in his Blanchester, Ohio home when the church van pulled up on … Read More

Huh? OK GOP Candidate Claims Primary Winner is Actually Dead and Possibly a Robot

The Republican race for Congress just got a little whackier in Oklahoma after a loser in the primary has declared he is the winner after all. GOP candidate Tim Murray said although he garnered few votes in the primary, he … Read More