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Daily Archives: July 1, 2014

Utah Senator on Hobby Lobby Decision: Women Just Use Birth Control for Recreational Use Anyhow

Just hours after the U.S. Supreme Court issued their controversial Hobby Lobby ruling, Utah Senator Rep. Mike Lee took to the air to agree with the decision and tell the conservative listeners that employers should not have to pay up … Read More

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly: Criticizing the Vietnam War ‘Sounds Like Osama bin Laden’

In an interview with former Weather Underground activist Bill Ayers, Fox News host Megyn Kelly asserted that he sounded like Osama bin Laden for criticizing the United States’ role in the Vietnam War. The interview was largely focused on the … Read More

Columnist: Obama Readying a ‘Clone’ to Succeed Him in 2016

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah doesn’t think Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination in 2016 – mostly because he believes she will lose to an “Obama clone.” Although Farah is unsure who the Obama clone is, he notes that “the … Read More

Out of Control: Seattle Cop Kills Man After He Didn’t Pay His Transit Fare

A Seattle Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a man on Monday afternoon – all over an altercation over unpaid Metro fare. The Seattle Police Department says three Metro Transit Fare Enforcement Officers stopped three men to check whether they had … Read More

Abortion is Human Sacrifice? GOP’s Dr. Ben Carson Thinks So

Abortion is the same as human sacrifice, according to GOP darling Dr. Ben Carson. Appearing on DoveTV recently, Carson told host Perry Atkinson that if America continues to perform abortions, the nation is much the same as past heathen cultures … Read More

Desperate or Cold-Blooded? Man Walks into Business for Job, Then Opens Fire When He Doesn’t Get One

A New York City man walked into a business in Brooklyn looking for job. When he was not hired, he opened fire before eventually turning the gun on himself. On Monday, Cameron Waithe, 54, entered C&A Iron Works in the … Read More

Fed Up! Mississippi GOP Chairman Turns Democrat, Sick of Tea Party Politics

The head of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans (MFCR) has decided to flee his own party just to get away from the extreme Tea Party politics. According to the young party leader Evan Alvarez, the Tea Party has hijacked … Read More

KKK Rally at Gettysburg National Park Preaches an All-White Revolution, Onlookers Unimpressed

On Saturday, members of a Maryland-based Traditional Rebel Knights of the Ku Klux Klan group held a rally at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. From a fenced off location within the park, hooded speaker after speaker spewed their hate … Read More

President Obama to Reform Immigration Through Executive Action

In what CNN calls “a hastily scheduled Rose Garden appearance,” President Obama spoke about immigration reform and Congressional inaction. “As we speak,” the President said at the opening of his remarks, “there are enough Republicans and Democrats in the House … Read More

Perhaps an Ex-Felon Would Be Good for Government?

Jordan D. Haskins, the unopposed in the GOP candidate for Michigan’s 95th District and convicted felon, may be a fun candidate to lampoon, but there is a small part of me that wishes he would win. Not because I think … Read More