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Daily Archives: July 2, 2014

Florida Judge Booted for Running Ministry from the Bench

A Florida judge has been booted from her bench after it was discovered she was running her for-profit ministry from the courtroom and not paying attention to her job. Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins had turned her court into a … Read More

Ouch! Poll Names Obama as Even Worse President Than George W. Bush

President Barack Obama is not popular with some voters these days. In fact, according to a recent telephone poll conducted between June 24-30, voters ranked him the worst president since World War II, even more terrible than George W. Bush. … Read More

Colorado Restaurant Encourages Everyone to Bring Their Gun, Arms Every Employee

It’s only fitting that Shooters Grill is located in a town called Rifle, Colorado. At Shooters Grill, all nine servers are packing heat, whether their firearm of choice is a Glock semi-automatic or a thigh-length Rueger Blackhawk .357 six-shooter. Not … Read More

Republican Maine Governor Met With, Supported ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Who Called For Dems to be Executed

Maine Governor Paul LePage is denying a new book’s claims that he discussed executing the state’s Democratic leaders and “supported sovereign beliefs” when he met with a group of “sovereign citizens.” According to the upcoming book “As Maine Went: Governor … Read More

Republican Congressman: Right to Have ‘Guns Everywhere’ Was ‘Given By Our Lord’

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun defended his state’s “guns everywhere” bill, saying allowing firearms into bars, schools, and government buildings will “prevent crime.” Appearing on Newsmax TV, the Republican lawmaker asserted that, “We know that when law abiding citizens – who … Read More

GOP Candidate for Senate Chris McDaniel Claims 3,300 Votes “Ineligible,” Provides No Evidence

There was little doubt that sitting Senator from Mississippi Thad Cochran’s plan to engage Democratic voters in the Republican primary runoff election would rankle his challenger state Senator Chris McDaniel. However, McDaniel has vowed to fight the results of the … Read More

Louisiana GOP Candidate for Congress Calls Climate Change “Greatest Deception in the History of Mankind”

Lenar Whitney is a Louisiana state representative running for Congress and has decided to ape less-than-one-term Governor Sarah Palin’s vocabulary for an ad in which she calls climate change a hoax. In a nearly five-minute video, Whitney talks about the … Read More