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Daily Archives: July 3, 2014

Cop Pushes Paraplegic Man Out of Wheelchair For Running Over His Foot, Gets to Keep Job Despite Outcry

An Indiana police officer pushed a paraplegic man out of his wheelchair for running over his foot but will not be fired despite the entire force seemingly calling for his dismissal. Lafayette Police Department Lt. Tom Davidson has been suspended … Read More

Indian Minister: Wearing Bikinis, Going to Bars Can ‘Attract Sexual Attacks’

A senior Indian minister warned tourists to cover up and avoid bars to prevent sexual attacks in a country that has become plagued with gang rapes and violence toward women. Sudhin Dhavalikar, the public works minister for the tourist state … Read More

Radio Host Claims He Was Attacked by ‘Savage’ ‘Animal Bitch’ in Horribly Racist Rant

Popular radio host Anthony Cumia is under fire for a racist Twitter rant in which he claims to have been attacked by a black woman in Times Square, calling her an “animal bitch” and a “savage.” Cumia, the co-host of … Read More

Not Our Faith! Clergy Hand Out Condoms at Hobby Lobby to Protest Store’s Religious Claims

A group of clergy handed out condoms in front of an Illinois Hobby Lobby on Wednesday to make it clear – Hobby Lobby does not speak for all people of faith. “I’m just hoping that (people who see the demonstration) … Read More

Ted Cruz is Lying About Bill to Repeal the First Amendment and He Knows It

Texas Senator Ted Cruz should be “ashamed,” according to a University of California-Irvine law professor. Erwin Chemerinsky has called the Tea Party favorite out in a The Hill op-ed published on July 3 for his disingenuous claims that the First Amendment … Read More

Louis C.K. and the Friend Zone Conundrum

Louis C.K. is perhaps one of the most popular and famous comedians in the country right now. Like George Carlin, C.K. is prolific, unafraid to be raunchy or offensive, but also remarkably sensitive to humanity’s serious issues. His work has … Read More

Fox & Friends’ Immigration Graphic Seems Plagiarized from Videogame About American Xenophobes

There is little question that one of the most ideologically driven (and fast-and-loose with the facts) shows on the Fox News Channel is the morning show Fox & Friends. Hosted by Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and a revolving door of … Read More

Klansman Explains His White Christian ‘Faith’: Jesus Loves Everyone, He Just Doesn’t Want Blacks and Whites to Mix

William Walters got kicked off his Pennsylvania town watch recently when he was caught passing out Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers while on the job. He doesn’t want people to think he hates black folk though. In a recent interview … Read More